Advanced Corrosion Technologies & Training (ACTT) is a leader in the field of corrosion detection and prevention. Our range of inspection methods and tools address corrosion before it becomes an issue.

America’s businesses and manufacturers lose more than $350bn each year due to corrosion. Corrosion can cause equipment failure, stop manufacturing processes, thus delaying – or preventing – deliveries.

Retro PMI – positive material identification

ACTT provides an inspection system which has been modified to perform retro positive material identification of components of a multi-feature system while at the same time minimizing the amount of insulation that needs to be removed. The system can be used to carry out the following:

  • Identify systems to be inspected
  • Identify the number of piping spools per drawing
  • Identify the number of components (nipples, fittings, valves, etc.) per drawing
  • Identify the number of piping spools and components (nipples, fittings, valves, etc.) per drawing to be inspected
  • Enter all points into tracking spreadsheet
  • Strip insulation at known components as needed
  • Prepare surface for PMI
  • Take surface temp. readings and record
  • Take PMI readings at designated locations and record
  • Use weld detection tool at stripped areas to locate any unknown welds
  • Strip areas found using weld detection tool and take appropriate PMI readings (if any found)
  • Document all findings on report format and tracking spreadsheet

The NDT tools used by the system include:

ACTT offers an inspection system adapted to perform retro positive material identification of components of a multi-feature system while at the same time minimizing the amount of insulation needed to be removed.
ACTT provides corrosion detection and prevention services to many leading pipeline companies in North America.
ACTT offers electro magnetic acoustic transducers (EMAT) technology, which is ideal for many types of corrosion detection.
ACTT's method of detecting corrosion saves up to 40% of insulation removal costs over other industry methods.
  • EMAT weld detection AXIAL tool high temp (HT-2200)
  • INNOV-X Delta Classic and Premium PMI Instruments
  • Cordless drill with appropriate grinding stone (surface prep)

Corrosion under insulation inspections

It can often cost businesses considerable time and money to confirm whether or not corrosion has occurred under insulation. Insulation must be removed and manpower must be taken from other tasks to perform this time-consuming procedure.

With ACTT’s method of detecting corrosion, businesses can save up to 40% insulation removal costs compared with other industry methods. Our method also minimizes the amount of insulation removed to determine the extent of corrosion.

Our under insulation inspection methods are cost-effective and friendly to your budget. By reducing insulation removal costs, more money can be spent on the coverage of piping and equipment.

Key features / advantages of corrosion under insulation inspections:

  • Repeatability of inspection data
  • Inspection of piping, pressure vessels and storage tanks
  • Inspect at concern areas or 100%
  • Complete industry-leading CUI programs designed to fit your needs
  • Correlation between EMAT and Neutron Backscatter and Open Vision technologies for greater corrosion detection accuracy
  • Unparalleled moisture and corrosion detection

EMAT inspections for offshore corrosion detection

First in our series of leading and pioneering inspection methods and tools is our electro magnetic acoustic transducers (EMAT) technology.

Ideal for many types of corrosion detection applications, our EMAT technology can be used on exotic alloys such as Hastelloy furnace tubes. Our EMAT technology is advanced compared with other automated scanning systems. Whereas conventional pitch catch ultrasound has difficulty maintaining acoustic contact with rough surfaces, inspects a narrow area, and is time consuming, the speed and accuracy of EMAT make it the superior choice.

EMAT technology can be used in the following applications:

  • Splash zone inspections
  • High temperature piping
  • Vessel inspection
  • Weld inspections
  • Pipe support clamp, pad, or saddle inspection
  • Stainless tubing at supports
  • Weld location (retro-pmi)
  • Tanks

Benefits of electro magnetic acoustic transducers

EMAT’s many benefits include the following:

  • Can be used in-service or during outages and in high-temperature applications
  • High-speed screening – global inspections: capable of covering large areas (approximately 14ft/min)
  • Can inspect areas that are not normally accessible such as buried or hidden regions
  • Lightweight and portable

EMAT guide wave inspections for the offshore industry

Our EMAT Guide Wave technology is able to detect general wall thinning, isolated pitting, general corrosion, hydrogen induced cracking, stress induced cracking, acid etching, chromium depletion and corrosion under insulation (CUI).