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AIL Industries

Aluminium and Zinc Sacrificial Anodes for the Offshore Industry

PO Box 3423,
United Arab Emirates

AIL Industries (formerly ALICO Industries) is one of the world’s main suppliers of aluminium and zinc sacrificial anodes for offshore structures, submarine pipelines and ship hulls.

AIL Industries, established in 1984, is a subsidiary of GIBCA group of companies of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. AIL has a payroll of several hundreds of employees and is managed by an international team of experienced professionals. AIL’s production capacity is 600t of aluminium anodes and 150t of zinc anodes per month.

AIL is ISO 9001:2008-certified and committed to health, safety and environmental standards.

Aluminium and zinc sacrificial anodes

AIL anodes are fabricated from virgin and high-purity ingots. Aluminium ingots have 99.86% purity minimum, zinc ingots have 99.995% purity minimum and indium ingots have 99.99% purity minimum.

To date, in the offshore industry, AIL Industries has in excess of 70,000t of sacrificial anode systems in successful service from the Gulf of Mexico through West and North Africa, Egypt, the Arabian Gulf, the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea.

Offshore platform and pipeline anodes

AIL platform anodes are either in trapezoidal or cylindrical cross section with a round solid bar or tubular steel inserts. Our pipeline anodes are either in segmented bracelet or half-shell bracelet or bolted-type bracelet anodes.

Half-shell bracelet anodes can be made with square ends for flush fitting, with concrete coating or with taper ends for easy movement over stringer during pipeline laying. In addition, bracelet anodes can be designed for fitting on pipeline by welding or bolting the anode halves together and then connected to the pipeline by cables.

AIL pipeline anodes are available in diameter sizes from 2in to 56in. In addition to platform and pipeline anodes, AIL manufactures different types of aluminium and zinc hull and tank anodes.

AIL’s foundry in Sharjah, UAE, is equipped with modern LPG and electric furnaces, a computerised design-engineering department, computerised chemical analysis and electrochemical laboratories, a fabrication shop with steel rolling and pipe bending equipments. 

AIL Industries Co. Ltd

PO Box 3423



United Arab Emirates