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BAC Corrosion Control

Sacrificial Anodes for Cathodic Protection

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BAC Corrosion Control

BAC Corrosion Control and Impalloy supply and manufacture sacrificial anodes in zinc, aluminium, magnesium and iron, as well as the special aluminium-gallium, from our foundries in Denmark and the UK to markets all over the world.

BAC Corrosion Control was founded in 1956 in Denmark, but the company’s history actually goes back to around 1900, under the name Paul Bergsøe and Son. Today, BAC Corrosion Control is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of sacrificial anodes.

Together with Impalloy, the company is able to deliver globally due to the location of its foundries and development, sales and service departments in Denmark, as well as Impalloy in the UK and a sales and service department in France. Our production facilities in Denmark and the UK deliver an annual production capacity in excess of 10,000mt.

Protecting marine equipment against cathodic corrosion

Due to the electrically conductive properties of seawater, it represents a highly aggressive problem that can quickly cause extensive damage to ships, port facilities, oil rigs, offshore wind farms and other marine and offshore equipment.

In addition, seawater tends to penetrate even the most inaccessible places, where it can be very costly and time-consuming to repair the damage. The use of sacrificial anodes, often called cathodic protection, protects the metal exposed to the corrosive properties of seawater.

Sacrificial anodes for the offshore sector

Marine and offshore equipment that is idle because of missing components costs the owners a fortune in lost earnings. We have invested in redundant production equipment with a very large casting capacity. In the case of large continuous orders, we use the total capacity of our foundries in both the UK and Denmark, thus providing a very large capacity.

We always keep a large stock of raw materials, which ensures fast delivery and high supply certainty.

BAC Corrosion Control and Impalloy can provide sacrificial anodes in weights ranging from 15g to 500kg. Since we are responsible for all aspects of research, product development, production and installation, we are independent of subcontractors. Our continuous quality control and product analysis ensures the high quality of our products.

Anti-corrosion control systems for offshore equipment

At BAC Corrosion Control (and Impalloy), we specialise in the design, field survey, installation and commissioning of anti-corrosion control systems. Our resources are available worldwide, and we ensure that all technical requirements and conditions are met in accordance with the standards of the respective countries.

In our laboratory, we ensure that all equipment and materials are of the highest quality and delivered according to customer requirements. We use modern and advanced analytical techniques, such as vacuum emissions, and atomic absorption spectrometry for quality control of raw materials, and for ensuring the chemical composition of the final products. BAC Corrosion Control and Impalloy provide sacrificial anodes according to the specifications of accepted standards published by official organisations, such as DNV and Norsok.

BAC Corrosion Control has supplied corrosion protection to both the French and US naval forces, as well as a very large number of businesses in the global oil and gas industry. BAC Corrosion Control produces a number of patented special products under licence of the French DCNS (Direction des Contructions Navales Services), which has supplied naval vessels to the French navy for many years.

Customised cathodic protection

When setting up wind turbines and wind farms, wind turbine foundations are installed offshore on jackets, which are secured by means of piles driven into the seabed. For corrosion protection of jackets, BAC Corrosion Control and Impalloy produce special sacrificial anodes weighing 150kg-500kg. In terms of design, these sacrificial anodes are cast around pipes of dimensions adapted to each jacket’s lattice or pipe construction.

Sacrificial anodes for ships are typically smaller, weighing 1.5kg-40kg each. Depending on the type of ship and its use, different types of anodes are used for protecting the tank installations, hull, propellers and nozzles.

In addition, we supply anodes made of iron, aluminium and copper for anti-fouling systems, preventing marine fouling of ships’ cooling systems. For equalisation of the difference in the electric potential between ship / propeller shaft and propeller head / propeller blades caused by the oil film insulation, we supply silver graphite brushes, silver graphite holders and silver ribbon. All anodes are supplied according to the customer’s design requirements.

High-quality corrosion control products and services

At BAC Corrosion Control, we have accumulated knowledge, experience and expertise through many years of development, production and operation, and can solve almost any corrosion challenge. We are ISO-certified and guarantee production and delivery of the highest quality.

Our offices in Denmark, the UK and France have brought together highly skilled engineers and technicians, who can help solve any corrosion problem.

For any request or quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Port Anodes

Port anodes are designed as long and thin elements mounted in the sheet pilings' notches, weighing between 22kg and 81kg.

Sacrificial Anodes for Pipes

Corrosion issues regarding steel pipelines are the same as those that affect offshore wind turbines, so we develop and produce sacrificial anodes for pipes in 0.2m-2m+ diameter.

Cathodic Protection of Offshore Marine Equipment

Due to seawater's electrically conductive properties, it represents a highly aggressive component that can quickly cause extensive damage to ships, port facilities, oil rigs, offshore wind farms and other marine and offshore equipment that is exposed to seawater.

BAC Corrosion Control A/S

Faeroevej 7-9

DK-4681 Herfoelge