Environmental Protection Engineering (EPE) is the only company in Greece that produces top quality sacrificial anodes. The company has accumulated a wide range of experience in anode design and in the production of anode alloys, based on high purity aluminium and zinc.

Through its continuous investment in R&D and the implementing of new technologies, EPE is a prominent leader in cathodic protection, and offers full and professional services for offshore and other industrial applications. These services include design, installation, technical advice and surveys.

Aluminium and zinc anodes

EPE’s range of POLCOR® anodes are well-known internationally as the most reliable and cost-effective anodes, and have been used in major projects all over the world. EPE manufactures aluminium anodes and zinc anodes at various sizes and configurations to suit a wide range of offshore applications, including structures, pipelines and power plants.

Custom-manufactured anodes

EPE’s versatile POLCOR production line can manufacture customised products according to the special needs of each project, whilst ensuring quality parameters at every stage.

EPE’s highly qualified team of engineers offer a range of services, including corrosion protection, which can be tailored to meet specific needs.
EPE’s range of POLCOR® anodes were developed in cooperation with the National Technical University of Athens and suit a wide range of offshore applications.
EPE’s POLCOR aluminium and zinc anodes are available in a range of sizes and configurations.
EPE offers surveys and corrosion monitoring equipment to prevent corrosion and establish the most cost-effective way to replace anodes.
EPE produces a complete series of anodes such as industrial, jetty and wharf anodes.

Offshore and pipeline anodes

EPE produces a complete series of anodes such as industrial, jetty and wharf anodes, and offshore and pipeline anodes, including bracelet and platform variations.

High-capacity production lines

EPE’s production facilities were especially designed to secure high standards. Only the most advanced equipment is used and the automatic production lines are capable of delivering more than 8,000t of high-performance zinc and aluminium sacrificial anodes per year. All types of anodes can be cast rapidly due to EPE’s versatile production system.

Modern offices, foundries and warehouses, operating in Greece, are prepared to offer high-quality products at competitive prices. Highly experienced technicians work in cooperation with scientific personnel to further develop production and meet new challenges.

Quality control

EPE strives to continuously develop and improve its operation and production infrastructure by investing in quality standard systems, and its laboratory and production facilities are certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standard. EPE is a corporate member of the international corrosion organization, NACE.

The quality of POLCOR anodes is secured worldwide with genuine certificates referring to the place of actual production. POLCOR aluminium and zinc anodes have also acquired a Lloyd’s Register type approval certificate.

Cathodic protection design and monitoring

EPE’s special engineering team is dedicated to cathodic protection design and monitoring, and can offer reliable and cost-effective designs following the recommended rules of practice for cathodic protection introduced by DNV, Lloyds, ABS and other organizations.

NACE-qualified engineers

EPE’s professional engineers, qualified under the NACE certificate, are in position to provide a wide range of services, ensuring the successful completion of a corrosion protection project in all stages. EPE’s highly trained personnel offer services all over the world and provide a well-engineered and cost-effective result according to individual client’s needs.

Surveys and corrosion monitoring equipment

Surveys and corrosion monitoring equipment can be offered to ensure the optimum corrosion prevention and to determine the most cost-effective way to replace anodes.

Environmental protection engineering

EPE is a pioneer in the field of cathodic protection of marine, offshore and onshore constructions, and one of the most reputable international anode manufacturers, operating in one of the largest factories in Europe.

High-performance sacrificial anodes

EPE’s marketing activity in the field of anodes dates back to 1973. In 1987, the company joined a special research program for the development of high performance sacrificial anodes in cooperation with the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). The developed anodes are now patented under the trade name POLCOR and they have been in production since 1990.

EPE is continually involved in R&D projects for the development of new products and techniques.