FSP Steel Finishing Painting

FSP Finnish Steel Painting (FSP) is one of the largest industrial surface treatment companies in Europe. It provides industrial surface treatments, fireproofing, floor coating, scaffolding, access technology and engineering services for the offshore and onshore industries.

Anti-corrosive coating and acid spraying

High-quality surface treatments significantly improve the durability of the treated surface, as well as prolong its lifespan and greatly enhance its visual appearance. They also result in cost-effectiveness, better results and lower service and maintenance costs.

FSP’s professionals perform metal surface treatments worldwide. Surfaces are cleaned and then covered with a long-lasting anti-corrosive coating. Stainless and acid proof steel surfaces are treated by acid spraying, as they cannot be shot blasted.

FSP performs high-quality surface treatments on metal surfaces worldwide.
Surfaces made of stainless and acid proof steels can be treated by acid spraying.
Thermal spraying forms an excellent strain and corrosion-resistant coating, which can be used to replace hot-dip galvanisation.
FSP performs floor blasting and coating on various different surfaces.
FSP performs FROSIO inspections according to NORSOK standards.
FSP’s engineering unit supplies planning, project management, training, consulting, maintenance, quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) assessments and problem-solving services related to surface treatments.

Shot blasting, sponge-jet and vacuum blasting

FSP perform shot blasting with steel grit, glass beads, quartz and with various other abrasive materials. In addition, FSP also provides special shot blasting techniques, which consist of sponge-jet and vacuum blasting. Shot blasting can also be performed with these methods, even in the most dust-sensitive locations.

In sponge-jet, the actual blasting material is surrounded by a polyurethane sponge, which absorbs the dust when the shot hits the surface to be cleaned. Over 99% less dust is generated by the sponge-jet method when compared with traditional open blasting.

In vacuum blasting, all dust and blasting material is immediately absorbed back into the machine and blasting material is recirculated for reuse. Vacuum blasting is slower than other shot blasting techniques, but quicker in the long run, as surroundings do not need to be protected.

Thermal spraying for efficient corrosion protection

In thermal spraying, a melted metal is sprayed on to the surface, forming an excellent strain and corrosion-resistant coating. The method can be used instead of, for instance, hot-dip galvanisation, if the product cannot be dipped in a pool.

FSP offers thermal spraying on all metal surfaces that require highly efficient corrosion protection. Thermal-sprayed surfaces can also be reinforced and visually enhanced by applying anti-corrosive paint as a top coating.

Floor blasting and coating for offshore facilities

FSP performs floor blasting and coating on various surfaces, such as ship decks and all types of production facilities. It has a number of different floor coatings for various applications.

Fireproofing and hydrocarbon fire protection solutions

The paints used in fireproofing swell as a result of heat exposure, which slows down the deterioration of the underlying material during a fire. Without fireproofing, the temperature of steel can rise up to the critical 450°C – 600°C within 10min during a fire. This significantly decreases its strength, resulting in deteriorating structures. Fireproofing extends the critical time and ensures personnel can safely get out of the burning structure.

In addition to common fireproofing, FSP also performs hydrocarbon fire protection with Chartek coatings. Chartek is a NORSOK-qualified market leader product in corrosion and fire protection coating, which resists fire for up to 4hr and also provides protection from jet fire.

Engineering services

FSP provides expert engineering services related to surface treatment throught a project. Its services consist of planning, project management, inspections, consulting and maintenance.

The company performs the best solutions for its customers, simultaneously bearing in mind the increasingly stringent quality, environment and safety requirements.

About FSP

FSP’s objective is to provide outstanding expertise in surface treatment and project management in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Poland. Its project personnel and mobile equipment are always ready to leave to any worldwide destination determined by the client.

FSP’s services range from surface evaluation and supervising inspections by NORSOK-qualified FROSIO inspectors to post-warranty maintenance.

FSP constantly monitors the quality in its client’s facilities in accordance with their individual specifications and related industry standards. The inspection covers the entire treatment process and includes the documentation of different phases.

The company strictly adheres to quality, occupational health and safety and environmental (QHSE) requirements. Its operations are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.