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Fire Protection and Special Pipe Coatings

InProCoat is a global supplier of coating solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry, headquartered in Kreuztal, Germany.

Backeswiese 15,
57223 Kreuztal ,

InProCoat is a global supplier of coating solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry, headquartered in Kreuztal, Germany. The company’s main business areas are fire protection and special pipe coatings.

Automated flame spray application for the oil and gas industry

InProCoat invented the automated flame spray application for three-layer polyethylene (3LPE) and polypropylene (3LPP) coating systems.

The company’s patent-pending application system ensures that specially shaped pipes such as buckle arrestors, cones, risers and bends can be coated fully in line with ISO 21809-1 requirements. This ensures that all elements of a pipeline will comply with one standard, which increases quality. InProCoat’s coating solution always come into play when standard processes will no longer work.

The Automated flame spray application is also fit-for-purpose for external 3LPE/3LPP coating of lined clad pipes. The process ensures that there will be no disbondment between the two different metal plates due to heat influences.

Special coatings for offshore pipes and buckle arrestors

With the automated flame spray application system, pipes of any shape with a maximum length of 12.3m and maximum weight of 30t can be coated. The diameter can be as large as 64in. The application process ensures total film thickness of up to 20mm for polyethylene or polypropylene.

The flame spray application system can integrate a heat treatment process, which supports operations for clients such as buckle arrestor manufacturers to optimise their production process.

In the last five years, InProCoat has coated nearly all buckle arrestors for major offshore pipeline projects that required 3LPE or 3LPP coating. Buckle arrestors were either made from carbon steel or are cladded.

Fire protection coatings for hydrocarbon and cellulose fires

Alongside automated flame spray applications, InProCoat’s second strength is fire protection coatings. The company is certified for both hydrocarbon and cellulose fire protection systems for fire resistance classes up to R120.

Fire protection coatings can be applied either in one of InProCoat’s four stationary shop floors or directly at construction sites.

Offshore coatings and pipe stripping services

InProCoat offers a wide range of complementary services to its core businesses. In coatings, application techniques include thermal spray aluminum (TSA) or any classical wet paint system, such as epoxy, polyurethane, polysiloxane, glass flake epoxy or glass flake polyester.

In terms of systems and dimensions, there are essentially no limitations. InProCoat is also capable of offering services such as pipe end beveling or non-destructive testing. Another service widely used by customers is stripping of shaped pipes. The company has a fully automated system to strip pipes of any size and diameter.


Backeswiese 15

57223 Kreuztal