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Polymers and Adhesives for Offshore Oil and Chemical Processing

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Master Bond is at the forefront of developing innovative, technologically advanced polymers, facilitating the ability of offshore processing companies to increase their production capacity of crucial oil reserves.

Epoxy, polyurethane, polysulfide and silicone systems

Master Bond offers a wide variety of epoxy, polyurethane, polysulfide and silicone systems specially formulated for use in oil / chemical processing applications. Our products have unmatched resistance to corrosive environments and excellent long-term resistance to gasoline, kerosene, alcohols, and other fuels and lubricants.

They also offer outstanding resistance to crude oils and its derivatives, natural gas and gaseous fuels. Serviceable at high temperatures, special grades feature high dimensional stability, superior abrasion resistance, underwater curing capability, and exceptional adhesion to steel, aluminum alloys, copper, and other metals.

Chemical and abrasion-resistant adhesives for offshore processing

Master Bond’s systems have a proven track record in performance upon exposure to hostile environmental conditions. They are designed to offer superior quality and long-term durability in the harshest environments. These compounds are available in different viscosities, cure times, chemical resistances, electrical properties, colors, etc., to best meet specific requirements. They are presently employed in applications ranging from design and production to repair, maintenance, and field service.

Epoxy systems for oil / chemical industries

Master Bond offers systems with properties that enable them to be used in a wide variety of oil well components, parts, and processing applications. Examples include electronic applications such as potting and encapsulation, transducers and transformers; and internal well components like gaskets, gears and sprockets, pumps, valves, and compressors. For downhole sensors, internal tank liners, thermal insulators, product transfer, chemical cleaning, and extraction and drilling equipment, our adhesive systems prevail.

Heat-cured epoxy systems

One of our most popular products is Supreme 45HTQ, a two-part, heat-cured (250°F -300°F) epoxy system with excellent dimensional stability and outstanding temperature and chemical resistance.

Another noteworthy system, EP46HT-1, is a two-part, heat-cured (250°F – 300°F) epoxy with unsurpassed chemical and temperature resistance. This adhesive / sealant system is serviceable up to 550°F – 600°F.

A non-drip version called EP46HT-1ND is also available. Supreme 10AOHT is a one-part, oven-cured epoxy system with excellent thermal conductivity that is primarily used for bonding of heat sinks and sensors where heat transfer is desirable. It has superb temperature and oil resistance properties.

Adhesive packaging options

We offer a wide array of convenient packaging alternatives as well as easy application to speed productivity, minimize waste, and save energy, including:

  • Quantities from grams to gallons
  • Cans, bottles, and jars
  • Cartridges for manual and pneumatic guns
  • Premixed and frozen syringes
  • Bipaks for field service kits

Contact Master Bond today and learn about the solutions we have for your toughest applications.

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