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Asset Integrity, Corrosion Prevention and Enhanced Oil Recovery Solutions

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NIXUS International is a specialist in cost-effective and timely solutions for the onshore and offshore oil, gas and petrochemical industries since 1995.

NIXUS supplies StrongBack™ pipeline reinforcement and rehabilitation composite solutions, cathodic protection equipment and systems, corrosion control materials, the NIC Coat 600 rugged anti-corrosion epoxy coating kits and most recently, the GreenZyme™, the first biological enzyme-enhanced oil recovery (EEOR) solution.

The company operates a certified ISO 9001:2008 quality management system covering pipe repair and corrosion protection system designs, material supply, training and commissioning services.

Offshore pipeline composite repair kits, products and systems

StrongBack™ is a pioneering composite reinforcement product for many applications, such as compromised pipelines, structural members and splash zones.

StrongBack™ is a composite solution to reinforce offshore pipelines and risers.
NIC Coat 600 is a waterproof, multi-use epoxy coating, which is designed to provide corrosion prevention.
GreenZyme™ is a bio-enzyme enhanced oil recovery product, which stimulates oil well production.
NIXUS’s cathodic protection solutions include sacrificial anodes, mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes, impressed current anodes, solar-power generators and cathodic protection cables.

Compliant with the ASME PCC-2 / ISO 24817 standards, StrongBack™ is suited to both pipeline and structural repair and reinforcement applications situated onshore (buried or above ground) and subsea. It is a permanent, high-strength alternative to metal sleeves, welding and other mechanical repairs.

StrongBack™ is a non-hazardous self-contained, water-activated, resin-impregnated, glass-fibre tape, wet lay-up system with specially formulated, load transfer ‘GS’ epoxies. It has been proven to be one of the strongest, easiest to install and most cost-effective permanent repair solutions available.

When using StrongBack™, hot work permits are not required and shutdowns are generally avoided. Installation can be completed in minutes and does not require special tools or underwater habitats.

NIXUS provides design engineering and installation, training (including diver-applied repairs) and certification at its facilities or on-site via its global network of experienced agents.

Multi-use epoxy coating for offshore structures

The NIC Coat 600 epoxy is a two-part corrosion prevention, abrasion and chemical-resistant coating and filler compound. Ideally suited to offshore installations and structures, it is a unique blend of liquid-epoxy polymer and aliphatic polyamine curing agents, which is water-tolerant and able to displace fluid from wet surfaces to make a permanent bond. It can be immersed in salt or fresh water immediately after application.

The coating is solvent-free, environmentally friendly and non-hazmat, formulated to ensure safety and maximum technical performance. Kevlar fibres are incorporated into the coating for reinforcement and viscosity management to achieve high application rates, even underwater.

The NIC Coat 600 provides permanent protection under the most adverse conditions. The formula is uniquely field-friendly and uses advanced, low-toxicity ingredients in a high-build, brushable or rollable product. It can also be applied by a heated 1/1 plural spray.

Recommended uses of NIC Coat 600 include:

  • Anti-corrosive coating for splash zones, risers and abrasion-resistance above or below water
  • Repair compound for patching and leak sealing above or below water
  • Fairing compound for smoothing rough steel and concrete surfaces and edges exposed to erosion
  • Encapsulating compound for protection of offshore equipment from corrosion, including piping
  • UV protection for exposed, underwater substrates or above ground

Enzyme-enhanced oil recovery (EEOR) solution

GreenZyme™ is the world’s first bio-enzyme genetically engineered for enhanced oil recovery and well stimulation, to release more ‘non-recoverable’ crude. Subsea or onshore wells treated with GreenZyme™ show a substantial and sustained increase in daily production, by as much as 300% within two weeks.

GreenZyme™ is a biological product. Unlike microbe, chemical, fracking or thermal-enhanced oil recovery methods, its EOR levels are unaffected by adverse conditions such as hydrogen sulphide, pH, paraffins, nathenes, asphaltenes, sulphur, temperature, radioactive isotopes and much more.

It is a non-pathogenic, biodegradable, non-toxic, protein-based and non-living catalyst. A single treatment of GreenZyme™ can be effective for up to three years and it is suitable for use in wells previously treated by other EOR methods.

GreenZyme™ is dilutable to create a 1% to 10% solution that can be squeezed into the well by pump or if a complex formation by coiled tubing and a packer system, which is then shut-in between five and nine days to allow the solution to disperse.

GreenZyme™ applications include:

  • Waterflooding
  • Steam-injection
  • Acid-treated
  • Hot oil-treated
  • Single huff-and-puff
  • Chemical EOR-treated
  • Thermal extraction

GreenZyme™ can also be applies in sludge, spill and accident cleanup in tanks, pipelines, ships and industrial plants.

Cathodic protection, corrosion control materials and systems

NIXUS serves the water and gas utilities, in addition to the marine, oil and petrochemical industries, offshore and onshore with a complete range of specialised cathodic protection materials.

The company’s Galvalum™ sacrificial anodes, mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes, impressed current anodes, EXAR™ and PWC cathodic protection cables and Hoying solar-power generators have been tested, installed and proven in the world’s most adverse environments, such as the Arctic, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

NIXUS offers first-class corrosion control engineering services for clients worldwide. Regardless of the project’s scope or location, its skilled and experienced engineers will mobilise quickly and economically to perform site surveys, stray current analysis, audits and testing of existing systems, system commissioning, cathodic protection design and engineering.

NIXUS International
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