At Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings, protecting your onshore and offshore infrastructures from highly corrosive and hostile environments is our first priority. Our comprehensive portfolio of coating technologies and value added services is designed to increase the service life of your assets. Whether you need coatings to enhance personal safety, prevent corrosion or provide passive fire protection from hydrocarbon pool or jet fires, look to Sherwin-Williams – your asset protection partner.

Primers, build coats, intumescents and top coats for marine and industrial structures

We stock a wide variety of primers, build coats, intumescents and top coats to provide for all requirements. Our Zinc Clad series of zinc-rich epoxies offers superior protection against corrosion, and our range includes inorganic primers, epoxy primers and moisture cure urethane zinc primers to cater for all surfaces and requirements.

The Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy series of epoxy coatings can be applied directly to metal surfaces and is an effective primer or sealer. For highly visible structures that require robust weathering properties, the Acrolon series of water-based, polyurethane top coats is highly recommended. Simply spread over substrates in marine or industrial environments, and the coat will retain its appearance against a number of chemical, weather and mechanical conditions.

Offshore and onshore industrial structures require special coatings to protect against hydrocarbon fire. Our FIRETEX® intumescent materials for passive fire protection (PFP) and cryogenic spill protection (CSP) is a solvent-free product range that provides coatings for high temperature and cryogenic applications, hydrocarbon pool fire protection and intumescent fire proofing.

At Sherwin-Williams, we recognise that offshore structures are exposed to the harshest of environment conditions, and that coatings are vital to the prolongment and protection of offshore structures.
The fire has raged through the heart of Lagos, Nigeria, following a piepline explosion.
Sherwin-Williams coatings have been used on the world's largest semi-submersible platform in Mexico, which experiences high humidity conditions at night.
Some of our coatings require prior preparation cleaning with UHP water jetting for cleaner and quicker block secondary surface preparation.

In addition to coatings for marine and industrial structures, we also supply coatings for technologies for specific needs, such as tank linings, deck systems and protection under insulation.

Ultra-fast curing coatings

Sherwin-Williams stocks a wide range of coatings with a quick turnaround time with ultra-fast curing single coat systems, to ensure structures are operating again with minimal interruption of time. Some of our coatings require prior preparation cleaning with UHP water jetting for cleaner and quicker block secondary surface preparation.

We also provide edge retentive coatings systems that allow savings in stripe coats and edge grinding. Our coatings are approved for Norsok M501 coating systems, and we even provide a guide of coating systems for our products that offers a wide coverage of compliance needs.

Sherwin-Williams pioneered the corrosion under insulation (CUI) coatings with the introduction of our phenolic novalac epoxy, Epo-Phen FF, back in 1999. Today we continue to offer coatings that provide top mechanical resistance on a new generation of CUI materials for control, enabling trouble-free erection of shop painted piping. Our stock also includes next-generation epoxy PFP with reduced loads and best in class Hp/A ranges.

Coatings for offshore maintenance

At Sherwin-Williams, we understand that offshore structures are exposed to the harshest of environment conditions, and that combined with ever-increasing performance challenges and the desire to extend the service life of structures, coatings are vital to the prolongment and protection of offshore structures.

Our Dura-Plate 301 coating has no dew point restrictions and high durability over ultra high performance (UHP) surface preparation with unique surface and humidity tolerant solvent-free epoxy technology. For structures that require short drying periods, the Heat-Flex 1200 is a next-generation CUI protection coating that provides fast curing at ambient temperatures for quicker return to service with unique products.

Other products in our range include user-friendly epoxy polyamide tolerant technology for versatile and flexible application and best-in-class tolerant CUI coatings for applications over hot steel while in service. Sherwin-Williams also supplies the best film-forming, glass-filled epoxy technology, for flexible brush, roller and spray applications.

Single-source supply of protective coatings

With nearly 150 years’ experience, we are your reliable, consistent, quality-assured, single source of supply for protective coatings. Based in Bolton, UK, Sherwin-Williams acquired Leighs Paints in July 2011, and in January 2013 the Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings brand was adopted across EMEA.

Expertise you can count on

Our experienced technical staf are here to help you overcome the ever-evolving, complex challenges inherent in your industry. Whatever your substrate, exposure conditions, downtime tolerance or regulatory needs, our knowledgeable NACE and ICorr trained and certified technical support and field service teams are dedicated to helping you find the right solution for asset protection.

Proven protective coatings and intumescent PFP solutions

Sherwin-Williams protective coatings and intumescent PFP solutions have extensive track records and are approved, specified and sold globally. Our coating formulations are transferred from centrally controlled research and design laboratories to manufacturing facilities across the globe, providing you with reliable, consistent, quality-assured coatings anywhere around the world. With European sales and technical support centres including sites in the UK, Germany and UAE, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings currently distributes products across 47 countries worldwide.

Innovating value-added products

Our investment in the research and development of high-performance protective coatings is focused on your productivity and success, specifically:

  • Improving the overall quality of the job
  • Keeping downtime to a minimum, with fewer costs, faster return to service and reduced costs
  • Ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory requirements