This certification project was launched in 2020 by REEL, on one hand, to recognize the conformity of our quality management system to the ISO 19443 standard by a third-party, but also in order to stand out sustainably in the face of increasing safety challenges, by further enhancing safety, security and reliability at the heart of the company’s processes.

This certificate is a real asset for REEL as it demonstrates the reliability of our supply chain, and the compliance of our equipment and services with our customers’ requirements, legal and regulatory requirements.

“As a major industrial player in the nuclear market, and supplier of the main contractors in this sector (EDF, Framatome, Orano, CEA, NNB, etc.), we felt it was essential to obtain ISO 19443 certification as a recognition of the robustness of our practices and processes, as well as our nuclear culture. This objective is directly in line with the industrial excellence of the French nuclear industry promoted by EDF’s Excell plan,” explains Nicolas Levain, QSSE manager at REEL.

DNV being the certification body of REEL for several years according to different standards (ISO9001, ISO45001, EN9100) and in different countries, it seemed natural to contact them for the completion of our certification audit according to this new standard.

The results of this audit confirmed the relevance of this approach, as no non-compliance was issued by DNV’s auditors.