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Electric Installation and Services Provider

Bars Elekter is an electrical installation and service supplier undertaking assignments for the international maritime, offshore and shipyard industries.

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Bars Elekter is an electrical installation and services supplier undertaking assignments for international maritime, offshore and shipyard industries.

With a company policy based on stringent safety, health and environmental regulations, Bars Elekter has one HSE and quality management system covering all aspects of our activities, rather than a separate safety management, environmental and QA systems.

Technically-skilled peronnel

Bars Elekter operates a team of experienced and highly-skilled personnel certified accroding to NMD & DSB, who work in strict compliance with the company’s HSE and quality management system. With extensive experience in the offshore sector, Bars Elekter cooperate and exercise due dilligence across all projects and services.

Bars Elekter’s objectives

Bars Elekter’s strategic objectives lay in finding new customers and maintaining that customer database by efficiently cooperating with existing customers, developing skills of our personnel, timely execution and delivery of services, and profit growth through detailed planning, process and cost optimisation.

Bars Elekter is an electrical installation and service supplier undertaking assignments for the international maritime, offshore and shipyard industries.
One of the projects the company worked on, 'COSCL Innovator.' Bars Elekter has its focus on detailed planning of all projects, optimisation of working tools and equipment, and cost reduction.
Regardless of the size of the project, Bars Elekter guarantees that all work will be delivered on time and within given budget.
The company offers extensive development programs training to all staff, so you can be sure our dedicated people know how to work safely and responsibly in conditions that are often hazardous.
Bars Elekter worked on building Skandi Aker, the 'Ship of the Year 2010.'

Electrical installation and maintenance services

Bars Elekter provides the following range of installation and maintenance services:

  • Installation of telecommunication equipment
  • Maintenance and repair of EX-Equipment
  • Electromechanical service
  • PDMS & CAD Design
  • LV / HV Installations
  • ROV Installations
  • IAS Installations

Past projects

Bars Elekter has carried out several high-profile projects for oil and gas industry leaders, including offshore and specialised vessels MS Skandi Aker, Corcocago, MS Stril Explorer and MS Atlantis Dweller; and ferries for Silja Line, Viking Like XPRS and Nordlandia.

The company has also worked on the Deepdea Delta, COSL Innovator 3, West Elara and Scarabo 8 drilling and accomodation rigs, as well as the Akva Master barge 81972 and FC Feed barge 180t feeding barges and workboats.

Quality control

Bars Elekter’s quality assurance system has been developed in accordance with ISO 9001, and the company is accredited in the ACHILLES network system – one of the world’s largest suppliers of management and information services, with customers from a diverse range of industry sectors.

White Papers


  • Hail Field, Abu Dhabi

    Hail field is located approximately 10km south of the Mubarraz artificial Island in the shallow waters of the Arabian Gulf offshore Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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