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Engineering, Procurement and Construction for the Offshore Industry

Delta Offshore Technology is an Offshore EPC contractor providing engineering, procurement, construction, installation, hook-up, commissioning, start-up and operation services for a wide range of offshore and shoreline projects in shallow and deep waters.

Delta Offshore Technology is an Offshore EPC contractor providing engineering, procurement, construction, installation, hook-up, commissioning, start-up and operation services for a wide range of offshore and shoreline projects in shallow and deep waters.

Some of the many structures we work on include marine pipelines, risers and cables, sea water intakes and plants, offshore floating and fixed platforms, jackets, topsides, bridges, flares, jack-ups, MODUs, SBMs, PLEMs, subsea manifolds and terminals, jetties, harbours and coastal developments, dry docks, subsea tunnels, offshore wind turbines and power plants, artificial islands, salvage, dredging and backfilling and land reclamations.

Engineering and design services

Delta engineering services cover conceptual studies, front-end engineering design (FEED), conceptual engineering, basic design, detail design, and installation engineering or offshore projects.

A rich, professional software library and in-house generated tailor-made design tools combined with highly experienced staff has resulted in an efficient and reliable engineering team providing finite element simulations, numerical modelling, sophisticated non-linear analyses, field tests, model testing, provision of design reports, drawings, method statements and procedures for clients.

Four 1,400m integrated steel intake lines are transported, submerged and connected to a tie-in point for Gulf Star Oil Refinery in Bandar Abbas, Iran, 2012.
Delta engineers and installs two living quarters platforms via lifting by HLV for the Foroozan Offshore Complex in the Persian Gulf, 2011.
Engineering, procurement, construction and offshore installation of 2,800m seawater intake and outfall pipelines for South Pars gas field, Kangan, Iran, 2011.
Management, drilling operation, maintenance, provision and supply of key personnel for KEPCO, the Caspian Sea, Iran, 2010-2012.
Three starting strings of the seawater intake line HDPE 2,000mm were installed and connected to a subsea tie-in point of the basin culverts in South Pars phase 12, Kangan, Iran, 2012.

In many cases, Delta shares with its clients the lessons learnt from successful practices to find the most safe and economical solutions.

Construction and management

Delta is a premier service provider in the offshore construction industry. Our professional construction team is dedicated to providing all our clients with quality products and services at affordable prices.

Our construction and management services include a range of activities such as bulk excavation, dredging, bedding and backfilling, land reclamation, grout injection, fabrication and construction of steel and concrete offshore structures, pile and sheet-pile driving, fabrication, load-out, sea fastening and sea transportation of offshore structures, construction of onshore and offshore pipelines and risers, pipeline weight and anti-corrosion coating, subsea surveys, subsea construction works, free span corrections, spool piece fabrication, pipeline shore approach operation, and shore pulling.

Offshore installation and hook-up services

The founders and directors of Delta Offshore Technology have an eminent reputation and a wealth of experience with offshore installation projects. Delta is a leading contractor in offshore installation and hook-up projects including installation of marine pipelines, risers and cables, lifting and float over installation of jackets, topsides, connection bridges, flares, subsea manifolds, SBMs, PLEMs, seawater intakes and outfall, spool pieces, tie-in connections, buoys, subsea concrete culverts, salvage, maintenance, repair and rehabilitation works, mooring, and positioning and station keeping.

Offshore operation services

Delta provides management and operation services for various types of operation vessels and floating and fixed platforms including production complexes, semi-submersibles, floating production, storage and offloading systems (FPSOs), jack-up platforms, mobile drilling units (MODUs), SPARS, tension leg platforms, heavy-lift vessels and crane barges, float over launching barges, floating terminals, cutter suction and hopper dredging vessels, pipe laying barges, surveying vessels and ROVs.

Strategic location in the Persian Gulf

Delta carries its own supply of vessels, barges, tug boats, machineries, equipment and tools, which provides self-dependency in construction and offshore installation projects.

However, thanks to the company’s excellent reputation and strategic location in the Persian Gulf region, Delta has easy and quick access to a wide range of marine expertise and equipment that can be mobilised immediately, if required.

Research and development

Delta Offshore Technology has recently organised a professional research and development team, a dynamic collaboration between Delta’s professional engineers in the industry and academics from a range of universities.

The research and development department features high-tech research facilities, including an electronic library containing various prestigious journals and thousands of articles in the area of offshore challenges.

The research topics are selected from industrial challenges with concentration on offshore industries such as:

  • Performance and the ultimate capacity of suction caissons under combined loading
  • Performance of drag embedment anchors in sand and clay
  • Skirt foundations under combined loading
  • Riser-seabed interaction and its impact on fatigue performance of catenary risers
  • Deep penetrating and drag-in plate anchors
  • Large deformation finite element analysis (LDFE) of offshore foundations
  • Subsea landslides and slope stabilities
  • Performance of spud cans and jack-up foundations under combined loading
  • Pipeline stability under hydrodynamic loading
  • Deep water installation techniques of subsea manifolds
  • Pile foundations

Company ethos

Delta meets the evolving needs of its clients with the right technologies and the best talents delivering real value, and following a result-oriented and customer-focused policy with a core strategy of commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety.

The quality, health, safety, environment and sustainability approach in our projects is based on a framework of policies and processes governed by certified management systems and a decentralised organisation, tailored to the specific contractor nature of the business.


  • Moheshkhali Floating LNG Terminal

    Moheshkhali floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal is being developed offshore the Moheshkhali Island in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh.

      • Nong Yao Oil Field

        Nong Yao oil field is situated in the G11/48 concession in the southern Gulf of Thailand, approximately 165km off the coast of Thailand, in a water depth of approximately 75m.

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