Derrick Services (UK) Ltd is an oil and gas industry construction company providing a range of products and services to the industry worldwide. These include but are not limited to offshore construction services and personnel, drilling structures, rig upgrade and refurbishment, general fabrication, supply of offline stand building systems, rope access and inspection services, and more.

We are accredited to ISO 9001:2000 for the range of services and products that we supply. We are also API 4F and 8C licensed for products and services relevant to drilling structures such as derricks masts and substructures.

We are also an IRATA qualified company for the supply of rope access services to both the oil and gas industry, and beyond.

Offshore construction services

Derrick Services provides drilling contractors and operators with a wide range of construction services to cover most work scopes associated with rig / drilling packages and upgrades, refurbishment and repair. We can provide either a turnkey solution or individual work scopes, including:

Upgrade of the TSF Sedco 709 mast for off line stand building operations.
Installation of heat shields on the Rowan Gorilla 5.
Derrick Services rope access team carry out a range of activities, onshore and offshore.
10t swl offline stand building unit.
Fast moving desert rig being raised.
  • Project management
  • Engineering and detailed design
  • Fabrication
  • Offshore installation and commissioning

Drilling structures design and manufacture

The management of Derrick Services has over 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of dynamic and static derricks, and folding and telescoping masts of every size and capacity. These include:

  • Static derricks (jack ups and platforms)
  • Dynamic derricks
  • Dual derricks
  • Offset derricks
  • Cantilever masts and substructures
  • Folding masts
  • Telescoping masts
  • Bootstrap masts
  • Desert and fast moving rigs

Derrick Services is an API 4F and 8C licensed company for the design and manufacture of the above mentioned products and their associated accessories.

Rig upgrade and refurbishment

Rig upgrade and refurbishment is at the core of our business activities for both drilling contractors and operators. Onshore or offshore we are constantly undertaking upgrade projects for our customers worldwide. We are one of the few companies that provide construction crews to carry out the installation phase of a project, quickly, efficiently and safely.

Derrick inspections and drops

Derrick Services is one of the few companies that are qualified by API to carry out inspections on derricks, masts and substructures. We can also combine these inspections with a DROPS survey to provide you with a comprehensive update on the condition status of your structure.

Any issues of any significance that are discovered and that require engineering opinion are referred to our in-house engineering team for qualified comment and any subsequent recommendations.

Derrick and mast fabrication facilities

Our fabrication facilities are licensed to both API and ISO 9001: 2000. This reflects the high standards and quality of our fabricated products.

Offline stand building systems

Derrick Services can supply offline stand building systems for all types of derricks and masts. Our pipe handling system increases rig performance and productivity by allowing drill pipe stand building operations to continue whilst you are drilling ahead.

Rope access services

We also provide rope access technicians for a variety of both onshore and offshore applications. We are an IRATA approved company. Our staff work to IRATA standards and are competent in all areas of rope access. Our offshore personnel stand out from our competition as many of our personnel are also trade personnel, rope access welders, electricians, platters and riggers, not to mention inspection personnel.

We also have an onshore division for rope access that specialises in civil requirements. We conduct:

  • Dropped object surveys
  • Derrick surveys
  • Structural inspections
  • Pipework installations
  • Electrical installations
  • Offshore and onshore rigging activities
  • Civil rope access requirements

Derrick Services is an API approved company for the design, manufacture, repair, upgrade, installation and decommissioning of hoisting equipment and drilling structures, and the provision of rig audits and inspection / survey services.