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High-Quality Surface and Subsea Equipment for Offshore Sites

Detail Design Inc. (DDI) specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of simple and cost-effective ROV interface equipment for marine applications.

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Detail Design Inc. (DDI) specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of simple and cost-effective ROV interface equipment for marine applications.

The company is also able to design and build a wide variety of solutions to provide valuable assistance and increased efficiency during offshore operations.

Our product line includes a number of innovative vessel-based systems, as well as robust subsea, transportation and construction support equipment and tools.

Hot stab units for offshore ROVs

 DDI manufactures a complete portfolio of hot stab equipment, which includes both API17H Dual Port and API17H High Flow Single Port variants.

Detail Design Inc. (DDI) offers a full line of high-quality locking hot stab components for offshore applications.
Our hot stabs offer optimum performance and durability and have been specially developed to comply with API 7h and ISO 13628-8 design standards.
The company is able to deliver fully bespoke hot stab units to ensure maximum performance during clients’ unique operations.
Our robust drilling riser handling tools feature hard-wearing designs and are compliant with the latest BV, DNV and Lloyd’s Register specifications.
We are a leading provider of high-performance removable buoyancy solutions for use during the installation of tension-leg platforms (TLPs), which provide critical support for subsea tendons before the hull structure is delivered.
DDI provides heavy-duty shipping containers, which are built-to-purpose according to the weight of the load being carried to ensure safe and efficient transportation.
The company’s ROV panels can be configured for use with any combination of hot stabs and valve operation systems depending on customers’ project needs.
We provide a portfolio of powerful wellhead intervention units, which are designed for installation on a subsea tree for use in conjunction with ROV systems.
Our standard winch and reel systems can be conveniently adapted for compatibility with customers’ own equipment to optimise performance and reliability.

We supply a comprehensive line of versatile ROV interface valve operators that are well-suited for adaptation for use with most industry-accepted valves, including both 90° and 180° systems for isolation or control functions.

The company also provides customised devices on request, which are carefully optimised to suit clients’ individual project needs and capacities.

We maintain a large inventory of standard products and can quickly respond to both routine and emergency requirements for hot stab and subsea controls equipment with short lead times.

We manufacture many products as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for a variety of different end-users and maintain an extensive inventory of spares and repair kits to ensure continued reliable support for customers’ global operations.

Customised surface and subsea equipment for oil and gas projects

 DDI is able to design and fabricate complete solutions according to clients’ project specifications, including purpose-built hose and umbilical reels, as well as aftermarket level-winds for existing reel applications.

We also offer bespoke, high-performance hydraulic power units and user-friendly equipment control panels, in addition to chemical metering and injection systems for marine activities.

In addition to an extensive range of surface equipment, the company provides a range of custom ROV interface panels, equipment running and retrieval tools, and custom subsea packaging of control system equipment.

DDI is able to deliver a wide-ranging selection of specialised handling and deployment systems such as subsea tree running tools according to customers’ unique operational requirements.

All our equipment has been designed and extensively tested to ensure full compliance with the strictest standards of major international regulatory agencies such as DNV, ABS, BV and Lloyd’s Register.

Bespoke shipping containers for offshore handling operations

 DDI is able to develop and build hard-wearing shipping containers that are designed precisely according to the exact load being transported, while also meeting rigorous international offshore handling requirements.

Our manufacturing team fabricates and thoroughly tests the containers’ handling frames and baskets under the scrutiny of international survey companies to ensure the highest build quality possible, as well as complete compliance with industry regulations.

Construction support equipment for marine locations

 DDI is a leading global supplier of temporary buoy systems for use during the installation of tendons for tension-leg platform (TLP) style offshore installations.

Our personnel’s extensive expertise has been acquired through hands-on involvement in the installation of more than 14 TLP facilities worldwide, and our efficient systems are able to provide buoyancy levels of up to one million pounds depending on clients’ project specifications.

About Detail Design Inc.

 Detail Design Inc. was initially established in 1979. The company’s unique hot stab design was chosen by a Joint Industry Development Project as the design to be standardised for API and ISO interface standards.

Since then, we have become recognised as an industry leader in the supply of simple, cost-effective solutions for a wide range of ROV interface applications.

DDI is committed to providing clients with robust solutions that are optimised for their specific operations and comply with all the necessary industry safety and performance standards.

Press Releases

  • Dual Function Hot Stabs for ROVs

    Developed in conjunction with Shell Offshore, Inc. Detail Design’s dual function hot stabs have become the industry standard for superior versatility, performance and durability. DDI’s hot stabs offer significant advantages over the competition.

  • Complete ROV Panels

    Detail Design Inc. manufactures complete ROV panels, which can be provided on a turnkey basis.


Detail Design Inc.
12125 Ann Lane
United States of America

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