Engineered Construction and Maintenance ( ECM) provides clients in the Australian regions of the Pilbara and Kimberley with solutions in engineered construction and maintenance. ECM is capable of multi-disciplined work in the mining, marine and offshore industry with a focus on the metal trades including

  • Marine work
  • Module receipt, storage completion and transportation
  • Marine work
  • Civil work
  • Mechanical work
  • Piping Work
  • Blasting and painting work
  • Insulation work
  • Electrical work

Onshore and offshore engineered construction

ECM’s team of specialists and technicians are there from the initial project plans to the finished product to ensure our solutions are delivered at a cost-effective, efficient and highest quality service.

We offer clients a complimentary and thorough project support service, which offers a flexible approach to maintenance on-site or off-site to suit the needs and space capacity of our clients. By combining our team’s long experience and specialist knowledge, we can offer clients a solution tailored to their particular infrastructure and operation requirements.

In addition to this, our project support service can improve production operations and capital works implementation by advising and monitoring the following operations areas: scope, quality, time and cost assessment; engineering, construction, and procurement functions; project management and monitoring; engineering design; client liaison, and project closeout reporting.

ECM's premises in King Bay industrial estate, Australia, contain heavy-lifting equipment for offshore industry applications.
ECM engineers and specialists are multi-disciplined and can advise clients on customised solutions for their project needs.
Our head office in the King Bay industrial estate is situated in close proximity to the port of Dampier.
ECM prides itself on its ability to resolve construction engineering problems and specialises in taking on complex and urgent construction and maintenance tasks.
Our activities and services vary from turnkey projects to individual special tasks of construction and maintenance requirements.
ECM is able to complete all necessary works on prefabricated modules.
ECM workshop has high ceiling height to accommodate large structures.

Operations support service for marine project maintenance

We understand that project productions can result in downtime and consequently a loss in profit, which is why we offer a flexible operations support service for short notice or short-term project maintenance.

ECM’s team of specialists have particular experience of coping with plant shutdowns and maintenance campaigns, and have advised personnel in departments such as resource development, governmental officials and industrial operators on the best practice procedures for such events.

Workshop facilities with industrial machinery and heavy-lifting equipment

ECM maintains a wide range of mobile plants, vehicles and equipment in order to support the varied projects and timescales of our clients. Our headquarters in the King Bay industrial estate in Western Australia, is conveniently located to reduce transit time to alternative facilities and is within close proximity to governmental offices and resource developers.

In an effort to maintain expansion in the Pilbara and the Kimberley regions, ECM has developed 32,000m² of industrial land at the Port of Dampier, Western Australia. Its operations and activities have extended further north to include Onslow, Port Hedland, Broome and Darwin.

Module receipt and completion

For prefabricated modules that have been despatched before they are ready, ECM is able to receive, facilitate customs and quarantine clearance, and complete necessary works. This could include fabrication, blasting and painting, and other works across the entire range of disciplines to allow completion of their journey to site. ECM ‘s Dampier facility has lay down areas, workshop facilities, as well as office space where the entire preassembly works can be completed before being subjected to site construction conditions.

A track record in offshore development projects

For the past 12 years, ECM has conducted expansive construction and engineering works for offshore technology development, which include:

  • Mermaid Marine Dampier Supply Base Expansion, 2001-2002: ECM managed this $26m expansion project, which included quarrying, dredging, design and construction of a heavy-payload wharf, installation of potable and fire water storage, along with other important updates
  • Ballast Ham Dredging, 2004: In Dampier, WA, ECM built 1.5km of pipeline and pushed it offshore, sunk it, and connected it to the offshore dredge

In between large-scale projects, ECM has undertaken countless repairs, maintenance services and modifications to wharfs, platforms and other offshore structures. Our lightweight welding gear and power sources, not to mention heavy-lifting machinery and contacts with outside specialist operators, ensures we can complete any offshore structure job with an efficient and state-of-the-art solution.