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Mechanical, Structural, Piping and Process Design and Engineering for the Offshore Industry

Litlås 4,
N-5954 Mongstad,

Fabicon provides engineering and design within mechanical, structural, piping and process disciplines. We also take care of production through our cooperating workshops.

Fabicon is an engineering company with branches / cooperating companies in several countries, including Spain and Poland. In total we have more than 200 highly qualified engineers with experience within many fields, a great deal of whom have experience on Norwegian oil and gas projects.

Offshore mechanical equipment engineering

Fabicon develops functional solutions for high-quality mechanical equipment. All equipment is designed in accordance with the machinery directive FOR-2009-05-20-544.

Structural and marine engineering

Fabicon has extensive experience within structural and marine design, and the structural analysis and calculation of lifting equipment according to standards and requirements such as NORSOK, Eurocode DNV and Lloyds.

Pipe and ISO drawing tube design

Fabicon’s experienced engineers are experts in pipe design and ISO drawing tube design according to API, ANSI, ASME and other standards.

Offshore process design and equipment

Fabicon has cooperated with several process companies that have extensive experience in process design and equipment. This includes tubular coolers and heat exchangers.

Automation of drill pipe production lines

Fabicon was recently involved in a project in which it developed a solution for the automation of production lines for drill pipe production.

Design and engineering services for the offshore industry

Fabicon provides the design and engineering of specialised machines, the design and structural analysis of steel structures, lifting appliances and lifting accessories, as well as 3D modelling, manufacturing drawings and specifications.

  • Design, analysis and verification of steel structures according to NORSOK (N.001, etc.), DNV (OS-C101, OSE101) NS 3472 and Eurocode (Staad Pro, ANSYS FEM/FEA)
  • Design of lifting equipment according to the Regulation for Machinery No. 820 FOR 1994-08-19 or DnV 2.7-1 /2.7-3
  • Design and engineering of offshore containers and modules according to DnV 2.7-1 / EN 12079, DnV 2.7-2 and DnV 2.7-3
  • Design of mud systems including mud tanks, piping and process equipment, evaluate pumps, etc., according to NORSOK (D-001) and DnV (OS-E101)
  • Design of pressure vessels according to BS PD550 or EN 13445 or API
  • Design of pipe supports, access platforms and ladders to oil refinery according to L-SP-002 and N-SP-001
  • Third-party verification of lifting calculations according to NORSOK N-004 and M-501, Regulation for Machinery No 820 FOR 1994-08-19 and DnV 2.7-1

High-quality production facilities

Fabicon cooperates with manufacturing companies in Spain, Poland and Romania. We particularly focus on high quality, low cost, and health, safety and environment (HSE).

With a team of certified welders, we produce high-quality equipment and machines. We ensure high-quality control of production, transport and custom clearance.

Hail Field, Abu Dhabi

Hail field is located approximately 10km south of the Mubarraz artificial Island in the shallow waters of the Arabian Gulf offshore Abu Dhabi, UAE.

B8 Oil Field, Baltic Sea

The B8 offshore oil field is located in the Polish economic zone of the Baltic Sea, approximately 70km north of Jastarnia. LOTOS Petrobaltic (LPB) fully owns and operates the oilfield.

Fabicon AS - Postal Address

PO Box 40

N-5951 Lindås