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Emergency and Preventative Repair Services for the Offshore Industry

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Since 1940, Goltens has been providing a full range of preventive and emergency repair services to our marine, industrial, offshore and stationary power customers throughout the world.

Goltens is a service organization that enables plant operators all over the world to minimize asset downtime.

Responding quickly to critical situations with services of predictably high quality has earned us a strong position with decision makers who focus on the value of uninterrupted operation.

Goltens performs in-situ services, which lead to reduced costs and downtime associated with equipment repairs.
Our specialism in diesel engine repairs also applies to engine room equipment.
Goltens is continually presented with new operational problems that also need to meet new environmental standards.

We work closely with leading equipment manufacturers. However, we are clearly independent to leave no doubt that our loyalty belongs to our customers.

In-situ machining services

  • Machining of crankshafts in-situ or in workshop
  • Line boring of engine bedplates/blocks in-situ or in workshop
  • Laser alignment of machinery and couplings
  • Annealing / heat treatment of hardened shafts and journals
  • Checking of machinery after realignment
  • Large-scale flange facing and other surface machining and milling
  • Machining of stern tubes or rudderstock tunnels
  • Boring of any size coupling holes including taper holes
  • Metal stitching of broken components (blocks, bedplates)

Overhaul and repair services

  • Main and auxiliary diesel engines
  • Governors
  • Turbochargers; overhauling and balancing
  • Steel repair and fabrication (piping, hull, hatch covers)
  • Chockfasting and alignment
  • Main propellers and tunnel thrusters
  • Shaft line, rudders
  • Valves, pumps, COW machines
  • Deck machinery; winches, cranes, etc.
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Electrical and automation systems
  • Electric motors / generators (rewinding)

Reconditioning services

  • Fuel injectors, nozzles, valves, pumps and timing
  • Centrifugal casting of white metal bearings and stern tubes
  • Connecting rods
  • Exhaust valve spindles, seats and cages
  • Cylinder liners, heads and covers
  • Piston crowns and skirts
  • Heat exchangers
  • Cargo and service pumps

Green technology / 3D scanning and design

  • Turnkey retrofit installations; ballast water treatment systems (BWTS), scrubber systems, dual fuel, oily water separators (OWS)
  • 3D Laser scanning / modelling and onboard surveys
  • Detailed engineering, design and fabrication works
  • Project management

Trading and supply

  • Goltens G-Pump
  • Two and four-stroke diesel engine spare parts
  • Turbocharger parts
  • Governors
  • General ship equipment and spare parts supply
  • Heinzmann controls, dual fuel controls and oil mist detectors

Authorized sales / service agents

Goltens is an authorised sales and service agent for the following companies:

  • Heinzmann/Regulateurs Europa
  • Yanmar Diesel Engines
  • Mitsubishi UEC Engines
  • MET Turbochargers
  • HIMSEN Engines – Hyundai Heavy Industries
  • Doosan Engines
  • Infrafone Sonic Boiler Cleaning Systems
  • IOP Marine – Obel P Products
  • ITW Philadelphia Resins (Chockfast)
  • RWO Water Treatment Systems


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