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Aibel Selects Intergraph CAESAR II to Improve Standardisation and Integration

Aibel AS, a leading engineering service provider that works within the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors, has selected Intergraph® CAESAR II® to achieve standardisation of its pipe stress analysis and facilitate integration with its design tools.

Aibel is undergoing an engineering service assessment in its onshore and offshore facilities with the goal of standardising software solutions to increase efficiency and reduce time and costs. With CAESAR II, the company aims to improve data input and display to accurately define its piping systems analysis models. The CAESAR II input graphics methodology quickly develops and assesses analysis models. Graphical and tabular output immediately indicates areas of concern and automated artificial intelligence tools can quickly address a lack of piping system flexibility.

The company’s fabrication yards in Norway and Thailand are world-class performers and have sufficient capacity to build large new modules such as platforms and floating production installations, but also smaller modules for upgrade projects.

Aibel team lead asset management Nils-Kristian Midttveit said: "Aibel wants to take customer service one step further with a better and more integrated pipe stress analysis. CAESAR II is now recognised as the primary solution for stress analysis at Aibel and will be implemented on all projects in the immediate future." The company already uses Intergraph SmartPlant® P&ID, SmartPlant Instrumentation and SmartSketch®.

Intergraph process, power and marine president Gerhard Sallinger said: "We are pleased Aibel chose Intergraph’s pipe stress analysis solution to achieve higher efficiency levels to serve its global and Nordic region customers. This collaboration will continue to strengthen our relations with Aibel and other leading engineering service companies in the Nordic countries for offshore and onshore projects."

CAESAR II evaluates the structural responses and stresses of piping systems to international codes and standards. Input data may be accessed and modified element by element or globally as required.

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