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INEOS Oxide Chooses Intergraph CADWorx Plant Design Suite

Leading solvents and chemical specialities producer INEOS Oxide has purchased CADWorx® Plant Professional and CADWorx P&ID Professional to increase plant efficiency for its site in Belgium.

With strategic locations in both Europe and the US, INEOS focuses on continually improving cost structures, technologies and health, safety and environment (HSE) initiatives while combining plant scalability and reliability. After a benchmark analysis, the CADWorx Plant Design Suite was adopted to standardise and automate work processes, minimise the amount of transposition errors and enable integration between CADWorx Plant Professional and CADWorx P&ID Professional.

Using CADWorx will enable the company to run its operations more efficiently and increase safety. Intergraph will also provide training and implementation services, as well as creating CADWorx specifications for INEOS. In addition, INEOS will automate and integrate its bills of material (BOMs), achieving higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

Intergraph president Gerhard Sallinger said: "We are increasingly seeing owner operators choose Intergraph CADWorx solutions for plant maintenance and operations. Since its introduction, CADWorx has revolutionised the plant design industry with its ease of use, flexibility, interconnectivity, and scalability. Intergraph is proud to offer such a broad range of tools suitable for all companies and all project sizes."

The Intergraph CADWorx Plant Design Suite includes the most complete range of tools for efficient plant design. CADWorx is easy to learn and has helped thousands of corporations create revenue-earning deliverables quicker and more accurately.

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