IOC is a global marine service provider and has a 20-plus year track record of success in completing floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) and FSO field development installation projects.

IOC’s field development construction and delivery program covers all discipline areas to achieve turnkey EPCIC first oil. IOC has been in business and operating for over 20 years. We have all the required field development engineering disciplines available in-house and or through global leaders who are part of IOC’s project team.

IOC’s field development program provides reduced CAPEX solutions paired with a consortium of industry leaders and backed by the ability to finance the full CAPEX requirement.

FPSO installation for oil and gas operations

EPCI work includes engineering and construction of FPSO deck mooring equipment engineering and fabrication of equipment aboard the project’s installation vessel.

Used for holding vessels on stations for operation and survival conditions, IOC is experienced in all aspects mooring and steel catenary riser (SCR) installations, from engineering to installation, testing and fabrication.

Subsea umbilical, riser and flexible (SURF) operations

SURF operations include umbilical, riser and flexible installation, termination of platforms and offshore hook-ups, as well as the installation of pipeline end manifold (PLEM) and pipeline end termination (PLET), jumpers, manifolds and flying leads.

It also involves remotely operated vehicle (ROV) services, which can be used for safety inspections, maintenance and repair, as well as subsea salvage services and deployment of pull-in equipment and systems.

Offshore equipment and project management

IOC supplies load-handling solutions for the offshore industry. The company’s experienced engineering team supplies customised solutions and marine equipment for offshore operations, including:

  • 350T, 200T and 150T A-frames
  • FPSO deck equipment, including 100T and 50T winches, 10t tugger winch, horizontal deck sheaves, chain stoppers and fairleads
  • Riser pull-in systems
  • Special design equipment, such as cranes, pipe handling equipment, marine construction vessels and chain jacks

The IOC team also provides project management and consultation services. Customers benefit from the support of numerous personnel, including installation and offshore construction managers, designers, logistics specialists, engineering and technical managers, draftsman, document controllers, quality assurance managers, and health and safety managers.

About IOC

IOC is a global marine contractor with extensive experience providing offshore installation services, including project management, deck operations, equipment installations and deepwater SCR riser pull-in operations for Major Oil companies.

We also provided feasibility studies and delivered mining vessel equipment for offshore mining companies, as well as supplying equipment and installation services. The company’s diversely experienced team provides a broad range of innovative solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry. IOC specialises in fast-track, cost-effective and efficient marginal field solutions.