Kernohan Engineering Limited (KEL) is a well-established marine engineering company based in Port Nelson, New Zealand. We specialise in providing a range of engineering services to the oil and gas, mining, marine, fishing and forestry sectors. Our main services include fabrication, plant maintenance, marine expertise, design and build, certified welding and comprehensive machine-shop services.

KEL has excellent port facilities and a large team of dedicated and flexible staff. We offer a sheltered harbour with settled weather patterns, a specialized maintenance department and a large well-equipped marine workshop.

Total marine engineering services

At KEL, we offer a complete range of marine engineering services. Our workshop is fully equipped with overhead cranes and machinery capable of tackling any large marine engineering work.

Our dedicated fabrication shop includes plate rollers, plasma cutters, specialised welding and metal-spraying equipment, as well as a forge able to provide large forged bolts of any size.

Kernohan Engineering offers specialist marine engineering, building and repair services to the oil and gas industry.
Kernohan Engineering plant maintenance team on site at Holcim cement plant at Cape Foulwind.
KEL counts marine expertise and solutions amongst its capabilities, and can arrange sea tow vessels.
KEL offers a wide selection of welding services, and has a well-equipped fabrication workshop.
Kernohan Engineering, based in Port Nelson, New Zealand, offers a range of facilities including covered workshops, machine shops, fabrication shops, lay up yards, and spring manufacturing.

Provedoring services

We are agents for Belzona products and FRP grating, and offer a comprehensive range of provedoring services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Abrasive, grinding and polishing wheels
  • Safety equipment, including safety harnesses and PPE
  • Balancing services
  • Bearings: ball, roller and housings
  • Belzona super metal repair kits
  • Carpenters and shipwrights
  • Computer servicing and telecommunications support
  • Craneage and scaffolding
  • Engine and turbo parts
  • Fasteners, bolts and nuts, socket screws, assortment of kits, recoil kits, circlips, rivets and split pins
  • Fiberglass grating
  • Fittings for galvanised and black pipe, couplings, flanges and gaskets
  • Hand tools: socket sets, screwdriver sets, spanners and crescents
  • Hydraulic parts and equipment
  • Laundry supplies
  • Lifting equipment, chain blocks, electric hoists, shackles and bolts
  • Lubricants
  • Machine tools: lathe tips, taps and dies, and drill bits
  • Mechanical seals, jointing, gland packing and gaskets
  • NDT test kits and NDT testing

Scaffolding and craneage facilities

KEL’s location in port is directly adjacent to the slipway, where we have 24hr/day access. We also have 200m² of yard and covered space available, and ready access to scaffolding and craneage solutions.

The small slipway at present takes vessels of up to 130t capacity with a 12-birth transfer system. The other slipway has been recently upgraded and has a capacity of up to 2,500t with a split cradle, which allows simultaneous multi–docking.

Grit blasting and spray painting

KEL can offer grit blasting and spray painting services. High-pressure water, garnet and sand are available from five local companies as well as painting, which can be conducted on the dock and in booths. Due to favourable weather conditions, most painting is carried out with screening erected to halt paint drift.

Mechanical, electrical and electronic workshop facilities

KEL offers a full range of mechanical services, ranging from prop manufacture to any type of fabrication, as well as electrical and electronic services.

Marine welding services

KEL has a full range of welding equipment and uses a variety of methods to carry out most types of welding. Our fabrication workshop is close to the slipway and we have approximately 25 machines, including mig, tig and arc.

Plant maintenance

We have a dedicated team of highly qualified engineers who specialise in plant maintenance and shut work, sometimes under the most adverse conditions. This team are fully equipped and able to travel to remote destinations complete with a fully equipped mobile workshop and office.

Experienced structural repair workforce

The majority of our workforce have many years of experience in structural repairs in general industry and the marine business. Many of our welders are coded to NZ4711 and ASME 9. Kernohan Engineering will also hire an individual for specific tasks of project management when required.

Quality-assured and safe offshore services

All of KEL’s services operate to the demanding standard of ISO 9001, ensuring quality, service and products fit for purpose. We have a very good record with safety and currently have a discounted ACC levy because of our record in this area. Safety is our prime consideration when planning work.

Marine engineering, ship repair and boat building

KEL is one of the 25 marine and general engineering firms operating in Nelson, a major marine repair port in New Zealand. Port Nelson generates a total turnover of $80 million and employs over 500 full-time staff.

KEL has earned a nationwide reputation for reliable repair work in an industry where a fast turnaround is imperative. We are well equipped and well supported by other businesses, who offer everything from net making and electronics to boat sales and upholstery.