Helix Producer 1

NTD Offshore specialises in electrical and mechanical engineering design services for the maritime industry, with offerings such as electro-hydraulic winch systems, ship design, marine automation and power solutions, as well as vessel management.

Winches for marine applications

NTD Offshore offers a comprehensive range of winches, standard and heave compensated, as well as an A-frame specifically intended for the offshore industry.

The company’s comprehensive range of winches can also be modified according to the client’s requirements.

Ship design services

NTD Offshore has contributed to several state-of-the-art building and conversion projects such as turnkey to highly specialised solutions, including new builds, upgrades, and designing and manufacturing equipment packages.

NTD Offshore provides mechanical engineering services for maritime applications, including electro-hydraulic winches.
The company supplies a wide selection of winches for the offshore industry.
NTD Offshore was involved with the Helix Producer 1 build.

The company creates innovative, cost-effective solutions, which are implemented and delivered due to extensive knowledge and experience.

NTD Offshore has been involved in a series of builds over the past few decades, such as:

  • Helix Producer 1
  • Kommander 3000 (K-3000)
  • Kommander 2000
  • Jean Chacot

All of these vessels have been commissioned all over the world and have reliably handled their assigned tasks.

Vessel management systems

NTD Offshore has developed a unique vessel management system, which can be customized to fulfil any client requirement.

The vessel management system is based purely on off-the-shelf components, such as standard programmable logic controllers (PLCs), computers, screens and fibre-optic communication. This ensures high-performance, reliability and cost-effective solutions.

NTD Offshore’s vessel management systems answer the demands for comprehensive central computer control and dynamic positioning notations, as well as cover the entire automation process needed in the maritime industry.

Remotely operated vehicles

NTD Offshore has developed a series of off-the-shelves ROV components.

Interchangeable items such as a manipulator system, connectors, thrusters, valve-packs and a video recording system allows customers to easily modify their existing ROVs.

The core design is based around affordability and quality, which offers customers the potential to upgrade at a reasonable cost, while still receiving quality equipment.

About NTD

NTD’s in-house team of skilled specialist engineers and technicians are experienced in completing extensive projects worldwide.

Through the years, the company has been engaged in an impressive and diverse array of reliable, high-quality projects that have been consistently delivered on time and on budget, while upholding its performance statistics.