Renewable Hydrocarbons Limited (RHL) specialises in the development of low-cost offshore platforms, which can also deliver significant safety benefits.

Our Solutions are designed to provide platforms that are generally unmanned but incorporate a walk-to-work solution for the completion of drilling, commissioning, campaign maintenance and major projects.

Offshore platforms designed to minimise well costs

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has identified that the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) still has a significant number of undeveloped oil and gas reservoirs, but these reservoirs are generally small and the economic issues surrounding their recovery are challenging.

Accordingly, RHL has developed an Offshore Platform solution that is able to access these reservoirs and any underlying opportunities in order to boost the business case for clients. This is achieved by minimising well costs by replicating the onshore drilling process on an offshore platform.

Renewable Hydrocarbons Limited (RHL) offers a low-carbon power generation solution based on a gas fired power plant with CCS located adjacent to a depleted offshore oil or gas reservoir.
Our offshore platform can be installed adjacent to an existing installation to provide a walk-to-work solution for the completion of major works.
The low-cost Offshore Platform has received two patents by the European Patent Office (EPO) and can be used to recover conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons.
RHL’s larger platforms can be equipped with subsea oil and gas storage facilities to collect the produced hydrocarbons and allow easy and cost-effective transportation by tanker.
Our low-cost Offshore Platform has received two patents by the European Patent Office (EPO) and can be used to recover conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons.

Our Offshore Platform solution can also provide an economically viable option for recovery of the extensive unconventional resources on the UKCS, as identified by the British Geological Survey (BGS).

Unmanned oil and gas platforms with in-built walk-to-work capabilities

RHL’s Offshore Platform solution is a self-installing, self-levelling and self-piling device that has been granted two patents by the European Patent Office (EPO).

The platform also incorporates the company’s innovative walk-to-work Access Solution that offers easy entry to the site during periods when the platform is manned, featuring temporary accommodation and a crane.

Our access solution also provides safe vessel access, which eliminates the requirement for helicopter use and allows the offshore platform to be easily deployed within windfarm sites.

In addition, the Offshore Platform system supports a modular drill rig that is able to deliver wells at a comparable cost to an onshore well.

The combined benefits of these attributes mean that the Offshore Platform requires low initial capital expenditure (CAPEX) and minimal operating expenditure (OPEX), supporting the efficient and cost-effective recovery of both conventional and unconventional resources.

Solutions for larger field developments

In general, RHL’s Offshore Platform utilises a single column, which accommodates the well conductors. Most applications are expected to utilise this configuration.

However, a larger platform with three main columns can be developed for deployment at larger oil and gas fields upon request, this option can also include subsea hydrocarbon storage tanks to facilitate export via tanker.

Offshore power generation with CCS

The development of a domestic supply of gas will also support a new generation of gas-fired power plants with carbon capture and storage (CCS) capabilities. There is an unmet need for this as current CCS studies have shown methods involving onshore COcapture and subsequent transportation to an offshore sequestration site to be economically unviable.

RHL has developed a design for an offshore gas-fired power plant with CCS, which is located adjacent to the offshore sequestration reservoir.

Our solution can produce low-carbon power at a strike price that is significantly lower than the rate of £92.50 per megawatt hour (MWh) that has been agreed for EDF’s new nuclear plant at Hinckley Point C.

Access solutions for well and topsides abandonment

RHL offers a simplified version of its Offshore Platform which can also be deployed adjacent to existing facilities to provide a supplementary / replacement crane and a walk-to-work solution to support the abandonment activities.

Previous studies have shown that integrating our Offshore Platform into an operating platform can significantly reduce the overall cost of a major project or platform abandonment operation.

About Renewable Hydrocarbons Limited

RHL has more than 40 years’ experience in the design, fabrication, installation, operation and abandonment of offshore installations.

We are supported by a number of highly qualified technical advisers with expertise in electrical, climate change initiative (CCI), mechanical, process and safety engineering.

As a result of this industry knowledge, RHL is able to provide extensive consultancy support for the development of CAPEX and OPEX reduction studies for existing marine platforms.

If you would like more information regarding RHL’s capabilities and portfolio of services, please make an enquiry using the form below.