Santon provides top-of-the-range circuit breakers, as well as standard and customised conversion sets to replace old circuit breakers for the power industry; all units are installed by experts and receive regular preventive maintenance.

We provide the following services:

  • Specialist engineers and tools
  • On-site maintenance
  • Short response times
  • Repair and exchange programme
  • Specialist engineers
  • Service level agreements
  • VCA, STIPEL, ISO offshore certified

Installing and maintaining circuit breakers

Your installation and the people working there are crucial to your business, so you have to look after them; this means keeping your installation in prime condition. But replacing old circuit breakers can cost a great deal of time and money.

Santon is the solution. We offer the best circuit breakers available, installed and maintained by specialist engineers. Even if your circuit breakers are outdated, Santon offers conversion sets to replace obsolete models. This not only delivers technical improvements to your existing installation, it also extends its lifespan.

Sidunn conversion kits are fast and reliable solutions for efficient circuit breaker replacements.
From drilling platforms in the Pacific to a shopping mall in Dubai, Santon will service your installation to boost productivity with minimal downtime.
Installation of new circuit breakers needs to be done safely and efficiently. Our engineering teams work all over the world, whatever the location, carrying out installations and providing support to teams in your local area.
The P-Type Switch 16 - 1000A.
Sidunn retractable conversion sets replace a circuit breaker without any downtime.

This results in your installation remaining in the optimum condition at a minimal cost, with limited disruption to your operations. In addition, Santon provides maintenance and overhaul services. As a result of this, your installation will remain in peak condition with minimum investment and maximum continuity of business.

Sidunn conversion sets for old and defective circuit breakers

New circuit breakers have to be installed quickly and safely. Our specialist engineers can carry out the entire installation or provide support to your local team. They are used to working all over the world, so they can keep your installation in top condition regardless of where it is located.

With our Sidunn conversions sets, you can easily exchange obsolete or defective circuit breakers with new ones. Within two to four hours, your installation is up and running again. And if we do not have a standard solution, we can develop a customised conversion set for your specific installation. When you buy a new Santon circuit breaker, you can be sure that you are getting the best there is.

Supplying circuit breakers from Scheider Electric

For years, we have worked with Schneider Electric. We supply their high-quality circuit breakers fully tailored to your requirements complete with the settings you need and certification. In short, we supply everything you need to keep your installation running at maximum efficiency.

Inspection, maintaining, overhauling and certifying circuit breakers

Regular maintenance of your installation is a must. Santon is an expert when it comes to inspecting, maintaining, overhauling and certifying circuit breakers in a wide variety of sectors. From industry and infrastructure to maritime and offshore, our maintenance service ensures the maximum lifetime of your circuit breakers, as well as the safety of your people.

Santon works throughout the world maximising the continuity of the installations of our customers. Whether it’s a drilling platform in the Pacific, a data centre in Australia or a shopping mall in Dubai, Santon can get your installation serviced with minimum loss of productivity.