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Sud Saem

Design, Supply and Installation of Electrical Systems

Via Pomigliano 50,
80049 Somma Vesuviana (NA),

Sud Saem’s core business is the design, supply and installation of electrical systems for offshore, industrial, marine and naval applications. We provide strength, light, security and automation in both industrial and marine works. Our core capabilities include offshore electrical system design, electric system assembly and mechanical assembly of offshore machinery.

Offshore electrical system design

We offer design services for marine electrical systems and industrial electrical systems.

Electric system assembly

We can perform electric assembly of the following electrical systems:

  • Naval electrical systems for merchant navies
  • Automation systems
  • Electrical systems for the steel, chemistry and special petrochemical industries
  • Systems for power stations
  • Electrical systems for special machines

Mechanical assembly of offshore machinery

We can undertake different machinery assembly as well as middle carpentry assembly. Our main customers include ABB, Avio, Enel, Fincantieri, Grimaldi, Saipem, Siemens, Tirrenia and Tyco.

Sud Saem has a quality certification ANCCP ISO 9001 and is associated in ‘Confindustria’, the Italian industrial association.

Electrical system design, supply and installation

Sud Saem has completed industrial electrical system design, supply and installation for the following organisations:

  • Alcatel Cables, Battipaglia factory: electric power plant for processing in 1,000KVA 20KV and 0.4 power factor correction
  • Enel / Roma: tracking the new line of electric water; tracking additional electrical line industrial water to supply pumping station
  • Defence Minister: repair and overhaul of electropumps MMI
  • New Italsider: power supply S/S30KV Ld –cab LF1

Marine electrical system design, supply and installation

Sud Saem has completed marine electrical system design, supply and installation for the following companies:

  • ABB Solutions: hulls 6091-6092-6093-6094-6095
  • Avio: hulls 6069-6070-6096-6113-6114
  • Tirrenia: hulls 6136-6137-6138-6139
  • Grimaldi: plant automation – automation system implementation

We have provided design, supply and installation services for electric power plants for the following companies:

  • Tirrenia
  • Ferry Casanova
  • Costa Crociere
  • Tallinn Ferry
  • Silver Sea
  • Ferry Mobylines
  • Neptune Ferries
  • Finlines Ferries
  • Chip-Chop Ferries

In addition, we have implemented a power electrical system for Grimaldi Ferries; provided electrical equipment and an automation plant for the Saipem Scarabeo 8 platform; and implemented an automation system for the Fregate MMI Horizon project.

About Sud Saem

Sud Saem is structured with a headquarters in Somma Vesuviana (Napoli), occupying a total area of about 3,000m², 300m² of which is used for offices, with a variety of yards outside.

Our staff includes 190 employers, working under the guidance of technicians with proven experience and skills accumulated over the years. We offer a guarantee of absolute reliability, which makes our company a well-known and appreciated firm in the market.

Sud Saem srl

Via Pomigliano 50

80049 Somma Vesuviana (NA)



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16161 Genova Rivarolo (GE)