Live QRA

Offshore operators need access to quantitative risk analyses (QRA) to support daily operational decisions. If the data is not presented clearly and intuitively, the operator may not take important information into account, causing uncertainties and unqualified decisions.

With DNV GL’s new game-changing Safeti Offshore Viewer, operators can view QRAs live, supporting more efficient, safer and reliable operations.

DNV GL brings QRA to operational phase

"Generating benefits of QRA in the operations phase has long been a challenge," says Mike Johnson, head of product management and strategy, process safety, risk and reliability, DNV GL – Software.

"Safeti Offshore Viewer allows you to directly transform risk metrics to operational improvements. Key risk drivers and their impacts can be viewed in 3D. This means better communication, better decisions, safer and more reliable operations," he says.

The Viewer is a dynamic results application for Safeti Offshore, which allows detailed quantitative risk analysis and accurate modelling of hazardous events such as fire, smoke, toxic releases or explosions on fixed or floating platforms. Safeti Offshore provides detailed escalation analysis with the ability to account for the influence of a vast array of safety systems and barriers, for example isolation, blowdown, blast and firewalls.

Event trees, 3D models

The new viewer allows operators to display and examine event trees and view 3D consequence results. The simple and clean interface is designed for consumers of risk information at all levels of the organization. Analysts run the calculations in Safeti Offshore and publish the results, which can then be accessed and reviewed by other users.

"The Viewer significantly improves the QRA work flow and adds clear efficiencies," says Johnson.

Enhanced operational decisions

"This tool will be used to significantly enhance operational decisions. The visualization capabilities mean that hazards can be readily and directly communicated to all stakeholders," says Are Føllesdal Tjønn, CEO, DNV GL – Software.

"This is part of an overall strategy of matching our applications to different organizational requirements. It is a real game-changer in terms of delivering value-driven operational risk management," he says.

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