Impresa Lavori Marittimi Ancona (ILMA) was established in 1994 in Ancona thanks to the initiative of a group of people with proven professional experience in the offshore maritime works sector.

For ILMA, the hands-on experience of its management is the necessary prerequisite for carrying out activities correctly and effectively, primarily in the following sectors:

  • Launching of underground pipelines, post trenching
  • Interventions and inspection work on wells and underwater structures
  • Diving support in deep and shallow water
  • Provision of crane and hotel barges
  • Maritime works
  • Hoisting, transport and positioning of structures
  • Coastal rehabilitation
  • Engineering

Post-trenching machines for pipeline works

ILMA has acquired considerable experience in stabilisation operations and the protection of underwater pipelines all over the world. The company has executed a number of such projects for multinational corporations that include Tecnimont, Impresub, Agip, Petrobras, Saipem, Oasis Oil Company, Chevron, Mobil and Snam.

The above projects have resulted in the upgrading of ILMA’s Granceola post-trenching machine (PTM) to its current exceptional level of service. PTMs are suitable for pipelines or pipeline bundles from 2in to 56in outer diameter on its standard geometry.


Marine support vessels for trenching works

ILMA owns vessels suitable for use in trenching operations if required by the contractor:

  • Crane barge AD3 equipped with Crane American Hoist: 144t lifting capacity and accommodation for 42 technicians, including barge personnel
  • Self propelled crane barge Ciclope, equipped with crane Demag PC2000: 200t lifting capacity
  • Tug Franco P

The above vessels are also available for all offshore activities performed by the company.

Safety and technical support

ILMA has earned a reputation for its reliability and capacity to support customers’ needs with passion and expertise. This is demonstrated by its continuous attention to the upgrading of facilities and high levels of customer satisfaction.

To support its range of activities, ILMA has:

  • A technical office staffed by personnel with proven experience that is continuously updated to satisfy the technical needs of customers
  • A work safety and environmental protection department that supports staff during their daily activities
  • External consultants for specific activities to ensure the achievement of objectives, operating with total safety and respect for the environment