PATZOLD is a Germany-based company specialising in civil engineering, open cast mining, process engineering and ecology. Our dedicated team comprises engineers and scientists experienced in project planning and management for dredging, soil exploration, soil mechanics and environmental management.

Dredging consultancy services

One of our core activities is onshore and offshore dredging, providing the following consultancy services:

  • Comprehensive advice and support in all areas of dredging projects
  • Feasibility studies concerning dredging projects
  • Consultancy on all issues related to maintenance dredging
  • Site management and supervision
  • Survey and volume-evaluation of dredged soils
  • Management of soil and dredged material
  • Exploration of sand and gravel deposits
  • Planning, design and optimisation of conveyor and processing plants
  • Development and optimisation of dredgers and dredge control systems

Open cast mining consultancy

With the highest level of experience in open cast mining, for both soil and rock, the PATZOLD team are the perfect consultants, with services including:

  • Prospection, exploration and evaluation of deposits
  • Geological, geotechnical, hydrogeological and geophysical survey
  • Conceptional design of open cast mining
  • Feasibility and profitablity studies
  • Implementation of approval planning
  • Preparation of reports

Environmental technology and hydrogeological consulting

Our experts provide the highest quality advice and planning for a broad range of environmental technology services, including:

Multipole-geoelectric on a flood-protection dyke.
Deployed equipment during underwater multipole-geoelectric survey.
Measuring of a quarry pond using a single-beam echosounder.
Transducer of parametric echosounder.
Boomer performing measurements in water.
Surveying team on a vessel using a floating rotary drilling implement.
Vibrocore operation in the North Sea.
Mini CPT unit attached to the crane of a ship on its way to the working site.
Carrying out a dynamic probing test.
Van Veen grabs in two different designs.
  • Exploration, initial assessment and redevelopment of contaminated sites and waste dumps
  • Development of remediation concepts for groundwater, including cost estimate and implementation of controls
  • Processing and disposal of contaminated material
  • Evaluation and quantification of environmental risks
  • Environmental analysis based on environmental impact assessment (EIA)

We offer a variety of advisory consulting and specialised engineering services in the area of soil mechanics, such as:

  • Foundation consulting and engineering
  • Laboratory tests and field trials on soils
  • Preparation of geotechnical reports
  • Geotechnical calculations
  • Site supervision of foundation planning and earthmoving works
  • Remediation concepts for failed slopes
  • Structural damage analysis of earthworks and hydraulic engineering

PATZOLD covers a number of hydrogeological issues, offering consultancy and services in the following areas:

  • Groundwater exploitation and lowering
  • Groundwater sampling and analytics
  • Groundwater protection and monitoring
  • Groundwater resource management
  • Well drilling, well regeneration and installation of groundwater measuring stations
  • Marker experiments
  • Hydrogeological mapping and structural models
  • Preparation of hydrogeological reports

Maintenance dredging services

Maintenance dredging can cause minor contamination of soils, for which PATZOLD provides valuable expertise and solutions, in areas including:

  • Detection, capture and classification of contaminated soils
  • Development of concepts for the treatment of contaminated soils
  • Disposal or exploitation of contaminated soils in accordance with waste laws and regulations
  • Correct choice of dredging equipment and control systems
  • Minimising small grain size using special dredger equipment such as cablearm grabs

We apply our years of valuable experience to the preparation of complete tender documents, supporting our clients in every stage of their project, including:

  • Planning of the tendering procedure
  • Preselection of suitable companies
  • Preparation of documents within the framework of prequalification
  • Realisation of prequalification
  • Elaboration of complete tender documents
  • Analysis and evaluation of quotations
  • Competent guidance during the selection process
  • Elaboration of contract documents
  • Technical support and consultancy during contract negotiations

Soil exploration services

PATZOLD offers specialised survey methods onshore and offshore, in order to fit clients’ specific requirements. These include:

  • Multipole-geoelectric onshore: for exploration of resources, flood protection dykes and aquifers; flexible equipment allows survey of large areas of difficult terrain
  • Multipole-geoelectric aquatic submerged: for characterisation of resources such as sand and gravel, and thickness of alluvial mud; applicable in both fresh and salt water
  • Echosoundings: for measurements in water to provide location maps and seismic sections; single-beam echosounder, single-beam array echosounder and multi-beam echosounder available
  • Sediment echosounder (SES): for underwater survey; able to penetrate soils, unlike single or multi-beam echosounders
  • Side scan sonar (SSS): for obtaining high-resolution data from the seafloor; enables detection of obstacles to dredging operations, including boulders, pipes and even fish nets
  • Sub-bottom profiler (Boomer): for identifying layers of sediment or rock under the sea floor; uses high frequencies to accurately outline subsurface structures
  • Waterborne drilling: for investigation of soil density and consistency; rotary drilling, gravity corer and standard penetration tests (SPT) available
  • Vibrocore drilling (VC): for efficient onshore and offshore survey; suitable for loose and water-saturated soils
  • Mini cone penetration test (Mini CPT): for determination of subsurface soil conditions; works rapidly and accurately without taking a sample
  • Dynamic probing: for investigation of cohesive and non-cohesive soils; applicable for house-building projects, transportation projects, foundation soil reports and foundation investigation
  • Dynamic drilling / probing: for exploring soils and weathered rocks close to the earth’s surface; can be implemented in rough terrain and limited space
  • Van Veen grab: for collecting samples of sediment, flora and fauna; can be deployed in sand gravel and clay