The cost of hardband reapplication can be very expensive if the previous hardband must be removed prior to reapplication. In fact, nearly 80% of the total cost of reapplication can be attributed to removing previous hardbanding, applying mild steel as a buildup, and subsequent machining of the mild steel to prepare the tool joint for the application of the hardband.

However, Duraband NC or Tuffband NC hardband, from Hardbanding Solutions, can substantially reduce the cost of reapplication since they can be applied directly over some previous hardbandings without the need for removal, providing that proper inspection procedures have been carried out. In instances in which this is not possible a completed reapplication is required which includes previous hardband removal, mild steel buildup and machining. Once this procedure has been completed in cases such as this, any subsequent reapplication of Duraband NC or Tuffband NC should not include removal of the hardbanding and any associated procedures.