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Savage Engineering and Sales

Hydraulic Presses for Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Applications

Savage hydraulic presses have been known throughout the petroleum industry for over 50 years for their rugged construction and durability.

4855 Chaincraft Road,
Garfield Heights,
44125 Ohio,
United States of America

Savage hydraulic presses have been known throughout the petroleum industries for more than 50 years for their rugged construction and durability. Each press is built with pride by our team of experienced craftsman. All engineering and manufacturing takes place at our facility in Cleveland, Ohio, US.

Savage manufactures presses for the both onshore and offshore oil and gas applications. Each press is available in many sizes and capacities.

Straightening presses for round bars and tubes

The Savage travelling gantry straightening press is designed for straightening drill stream tools, heavy-weight tubes and round bars, liner hangers, drill collars, as well as down hole drills (rotors and stators) drill pipe and mud motors.

The workpiece is first loaded onto the pressing anvils. Powered lift and rotation devices are employed to find the bend. The work piece remains stationary while the gantry is traversed over the shaft, then pressed against the high spot to straighten.

Straightening features include:

  • Ram stroke control to 0.001in tolerance prevents overbending of the work piece
  • Joystick controls for ram movement
  • Powered lift and rotation of work piece
  • Long reach dial indicators for straightening
  • Remote pendant control
  • V-Block anvils and rotation fixtures, powered for left and right travel
  • U-Blocks are available custom sized per tube diameter
  • Travelling gantry
  • Traveling operator’s platform
  • Straighten drill stream tools, drill pipe, mud motors, round bars and tubes
  • Straightening press for plate and rectangular bars

Savage TFS straightening presses have three axes of ram movement specifically designed for straightening large plates and rectangular weldments. With these travelling gantry straightening presses, the work piece remains stationary while the pressing ram traverses to the high spot.

Travelling gantry straightening presses are used for straightening gear racks for offshore oil platform legs, large plates and weldments. Travelling gantry presses allow the work to remain stationary while the ram travels over it.

Horizontal presses

Horizontal forcing presses, also known as wheel presses, are used for mounting / demounting components such as wheels, bearings, gears, etc. onto / off shafts or axles. Pump jack manufacturing and repair facilities use Savage wheel presses.

Single and double end presses have pushbutton positioning of roller mounted crossheads.

Presses are available with axle support carriage, and powered or manual pins for crosshead.

Push button-operated ram control and handheld control pendant are provided.

Meeting the needs of industry

Our pressing systems are designed to meet the diverse needs of industry. Applications include presses for straightening, plastic-working, metal-working, specialty forming and much more.

Savage pressing systems are ‘job-engineered’ in two ways. First, they are engineered to accomplish your specific requirements.

Second, they are designed to perform their job as efficiently as possible. We offer the broadest line of hydraulic presses available, with many frame types for specific applications.

The types of presses we supply include:

  • Four-post guided platen
  • Straight side gib guided
  • Traveling gantry straighteners
  • C-frame, guided and unguided models
  • Window frame
  • Horizontal forcing
  • Horizontal bulldozers

Nooros Gas and Condensate Field, Nile Delta

The Nooros gas and condensate field is located in the shallow waters of the Nile Delta, approximately 120km north-east of Alexandria, Egypt. Discovered in July 2015, the field is part of the Abu Madi West development license.