Seatrench was established when Marine Trench and Subsea Trenching Services merged in 2009. The company’s dedicated crew have more than 20 years’ experience in shallow water around the world and more than 5,000 diving hours on our equipment.

Seatrench provides trenching services for all types of cables and pipelines, including power cables, fibre optics, umbilicals, FLEXI pipes, PEH pipes with concrete weights, and rigid pipes. Seatrench operates worldwide from its main office in Norway, and has sales offices in Thailand and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Shallow-water trenching machines

Seatrench is a shallow-water trenching specialist that focuses on trenching services. Our own designed, built and operated fleet of trenching machines comprises four trenching rigs and pump barges. The Seatrench concept consists of a trenching machine, pump barge, operational crew and diving crew.

We ensure fast mobilisation of our trenching machines on site. This is especially important in areas with strong current and harsh weather conditions.

The Seatrench concept consists of a trenching machine, pump barge, operational crew and diving crew.
Our trenching equipment is very efficient, with a proven track record at 350Kpa soil hardness.
This trenching system has been specially designed for the challenges in the shallow water segment.
We have four off pumping barges and four trenchering machines.
Our trenching machines have a powerful and lightweight design.

Offshore trenching equipment for pipeline and cables

Our trenching equipment is very efficient with a proven track record at 350Kpa, can be operated as standalone – therefore resulting in fewer requirements for support vessels – and is containerised for fast mobilisation. We guarantee cost-efficient operation for our clients.

Seatrench equipment works very efficiently in the following conditions:

  • Seabed soil conditions: sand, silt, gravel and clay
  • Jet-able soils strength: up to 350Kpa
  • Maximum trenching depth: 3m
  • Maximum water depth: 50m

Trenching operation

The trenching and diving operations are performed in accordance with international and local rules and regulations in the specific region. Seatrench fulfill the client’s requirement for safe operation.

  • Risk assessment and HES procedures
  • Diving procedures
  • Diving emergency procedures
  • Toolbox
  • Project-specific procedures
  • Launch and retrieve procedures

Shallow-water trenching projects

Our trenching equipment was recently checked and approved by the following clients: CTC Marine, JP Kenny, Total and E Marine.

Projects performed in 2010:

  • Comorro Island – 1,000m FO cable for Alcatel Lucent / Cable & Engineering
  • Cork Bay Island – 14,000m power cable for Nexans
  • Wavehub England – 2,000m power cable for CTC Marine
  • Abu Dhabi – 60km and 6,000m FO cable for E Marine
  • Lebanon Beirut – 16in steel pipeline for Total (400mm including concrete insulation)

Projects to be performed in 2011 include a 80km FO cable in the Persian Gulf for Reliance and Metco Marine in April 2011.

Shallow-water trenching advantages

The advantages of the Seatrench concept for shallow-water trenching can be summarised as follows:

  • Highly efficient equipment with documented performance
  • Ensures fast mobilisation at a reasonable cost worldwide
  • Independent rigs with fewer requirements for support vessels
  • Minimised number of required personnel
  • Powerful and lightweight design
  • A staff of experienced and well-qualified operators
  • Self-designed and produced equipment
  • Environmentally friendly process

Environmentally friendly trenching operations

Our equipment is designed to minimise the impact on the subsea environment. Due to oil-free operation, the system has zero pollution to the sea. Our trenching system does very little damage to the seabed. We cut through the soil and leaves inside the trench but not on the top of the seabed. We make a very narrow trench, which is a requirement in sensitive environmental regions.