The global oil and gas industry is full of diversity in cultures, challenges, technology, economics and locations. However, every installation has the same issue to deal with: produced water.

It is vital to monitor the content and condition of produced water for a number of reasons:

  • Minimising production losses
  • Minimising environmental impact
  • Meeting legislative targets
  • Protection of reservoir formations
  • Analysis of process chemical usage
  • Alarming of upset conditions

In measuring hydrocarbon content, concentration, composition, oil droplet size and particle size are all related. Advanced Sensors Ltd have delivered the OIW EX Series of oil in water analysers for produced water analysis. Over the past three years these systems have had a 100% success rate.

The OIW EX Series oil in water analysers

This new and innovative technology brings new features to the online analyser market that have contributed to its 100% success rate. Firstly, the ultrasonic cleaning capability ensures cleaning-free operation in a variety of conditions.

Key features include:

  • Maintenance free
  • Ultrasonic self cleaning
  • UV laser fluorescence
  • Real-time spectrometer
  • 0ppm to 20,000ppm range
  • Condensate to heavy oil
  • Oil droplet size tolerant
  • Process chemical isolation
  • Remote connectivity
  • Data logging
  • Software configurable
  • ATEX Zone One, FM , UL, ABS, USCG, IMO, BV and Lloyds certified
  • Simple installation
  • 100% success rate

A combination of UV laser fluorescence and real-time spectrometer give reliable and accurate measurement in all conditions.

The unique flow arrangement of the OIW EX Series oil in water analysers supports a large sample flow without the need for sample conditioning, homogenisation, pressure regulations or flow control. The sample feed arrangement is therefore more stable, robust and able to cope with process variations. The 1in piping can accommodate higher flower rates, delivering more reliable and representative samples to the analyser with minimal risk of blockages.

The analysers also periodically use ultrasonics to break down oil droplets to a standardised size. So the analyser automatically compensates for variations in droplet size. There is no requirement for mechanical mixers or surfactants. As process conditions change, no adjustment is required to maintain reliable consistent measurement.

The OIW EX Series utilises a patented optical sensor integrated with a powerful ultrasonic transducer. Combined with a large measuring chamber, the ultrasonic transducer will automatically and regularly clean measurement chambers and optical windows. The ultrasonic transducer is powerfully and effective enough to thoroughly remove any deposits in the measurement chamber. The cleaning cycle happens automatically and regularly, preventing deposits building up to any significant levels.

For more information, please visit the technical papers link via our profile or Advanced Sensors Ltd’s website.