Designer and manufacturer of level and spill monitoring solutions, Arjay Engineering, is set to exhibit at the Offshore Technology Conference 2019.

The Offshore Technology Conference is celebrating its 50th year since its establishment in 1969. The conference begins on Monday 6 May to an opening general session, where industry executives will showcase how companies are preparing for a new world of automation, digitisation and machine learning.

Over the course of the conference, global industry leaders will discuss business and licencing opportunities, as well as exhibit their latest advanced technologies.

With a reputation that is built on high-quality solutions, reliability and product expertise, Arjay Engineering specialise in custom design and assembly of capacitance level and oil/water monitors.

Arjay Engineering will be located at booth 915, NRG Park, Houston, Texas. 6-9 May 2019.

Arjay will display its newest line-up of oil in water analysers for environmental compliance and process control.  In particular, the new 4410-OCM monitor offers many unique features such as multiple LED fluorescence sensors AND light scattering in one combined unit.

This provides targeted petroleum hydrocarbon response, turbidity and non-petroleum monitoring in one simplified unit.

The ability to purge the unit for Zone 2 (Div 2) area classifications means the electronics stay clean, dry and stable in the often harsh environments of offshore oil platforms.

Booth # 915 Canada Pavillion