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Marine Rotary-Arm Industrial Waste Compactor

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KenBay’s RotoPac marine industrial waste compactor is increasingly being used for waste disposal on offshore installations, and on-board ships, barges, oilrigs, tankers, trawlers and various other offshore service vessels This waste compactor is space-saving, provides high compaction and is easy to use.

Cost-effective marine industrial waste compactor

With 4,400ft/lb of torque at the compaction drum surface, the RotoPac marine industrial waste compactor is one of the most cost-effective industrial waste solutions on the market today. KenBay was first-to-market with its rotary-arm compactor and has led the field for small-footprint, continuous high-compacting industrial waste compactors ever since.

Continuous, high-density marine waste compaction system

The marine RotoPac’s original rotary-arm technology is ideal for extreme marine environments where space and manpower is limited. Unlike other marine waste compaction systems, the stainless-steel RotoPac provides continuous, high-density compaction to reduce labor in compacting waste on-board ocean platforms and vessels. Its small 4ft x 5ft footprint is ideal where space is at a premium.

Made of the highest grade stainless-steel enclosing all electric, motor and hydraulic controls in waterproof enclosures, the marine RotoPac is capable of withstanding the most punishing marine conditions. From the port of Dubai to Trinidad to the Gulf of Mexico, the KenBay RotoPac marine compactor is currently being used to supply low maintenance and operating costs while providing durability and long life.

With low maintenance and operating costs, the RotoPac marine industrial waste compactor uses rotary-arm technology to efficiently compact various types of waste into a sealable and storable polyethylene bag.
Continuous compaction: the KenBay RotoPac marine industrial waste compactor provides continuous compaction that greatly reduces labor and increases compaction.
The KenBay marine RotoPac compactor is the ideal on-board/offshore waste solution, typically achieving a six-to-one compaction ratio.
The explosion-proof RotoPac compactors combine industrial rotary arm technology.

Rotary-arm marine waste handling system

The KenBay marine RotoPac handling system uses unique rotary-arm technology to efficiently compact various types of waste into a sealable and storable polyethylene bag for easy storage and disposal. Bags are taped and stacked for easy storage and removal.

The patented rotary-arm technology provides continuous compaction, greatly reducing labor while increasing compaction. Waste/recycle material may be thrown, conveyed or blown into the RotoPac while it is running at the rate of at least 250lb/hr. This reduces the labor needed to get material into the machine, and also provides the greatest compaction ratio: typically a six-to-one reduction is achieved.

Environmentally friendly industrial waste compactor

The RotoPac is ideal for compacting large volumes of trash, as well as plastic for recycling, and cardboard. The environmentally friendly RotoPac is able to compact into biodegradable bags as well as reduce collections and space needed in landfills.

Quiet, safe and sanitary, the RotoPac has been the choice of industries and organisations worldwide as diverse as airframe manufacturing, bakeries, distribution centers, printers, offshore oilrigs, ocean vessels and pharmaceutical operations, the US Navy and numerous others.

Marine, plastics and food industry waste compactors

Made in the US, the RotoPac is constructed using the highest quality materials and is currently being offered in several different versions, including the standard RotoPac, the marine RotoPac, the plastics RotoPac, the stainless-steel food industry RotoPac and the bin RotoPac compactor.

The marine RotoPac conforms to MARPOL 73/78 annex V guidelines.

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    When the large oil exploration, drilling, refining and distribution company Saudi Aramco needed industrial waste compactors for their oilrigs they contacted KenBay, the creators of the RotoPac, the original rotary arm waste compactor. Through their American supplier Wilson Supply, Saudi Aramco in

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