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Ecological Oil-Absorption Blankets and Boards

Konto manufactures liquid-absorption blankets and boards, which are excellent for oil leaks in the offshore industry.

Ylä-Satakunnantie 20,
39930 Karvia,

Konto manufactures liquid-absorption blankets and boards, which are excellent for oil leaks in the offshore industry. Using peat moss as the main raw material gives our layered products highly effective absorbing capabilities. Our production process and products are patented.

Our oil-absorption products include:

Product Size Content Absorption capability
Small blanket
39.5cm x 39.5cm
16in x 16in
26 blankets/box
30 boxes/pallet
13-16 gallons
Big blanket
80cm x 120cm
31in x 46in
60 blankets/box
2 boxes/pallet
3-3.5 gallons
Small roll
39.5cm x 10m
16in x 33in
1 roll/box
30 boxes/pallet
13-16 gallons
Big roll
1m x 10m
39in x 33in
6 rolls/pallet 125l-150l
33-40 gallons
Small boom
10cm x 100cm
4in x 39in
5 booms/box
30 boxes/pallet
2 gallons
Big boom
18cm x 200cm
7in x 79in
24 booms/pallet 30l
8 gallons
Bilge boom
10cm x 50cm Boom used in bilge water 3.5l
1 gallon
Oil spill box
80cm x 60cm x 45cm
31in x 23.6in x 17.7in
20 small blankets, 1 big blanket, 1 roll, 1 small boom, bag of peat, shovel, plastic gloves, plastic bags, plastic sack, safety classes, broom, knife, plastic sock, cable tie and strong, water-resistant veneer box 120l-140l
32-37 gallons
Vehicle kit
80cm x 118cm
31.5in x 46.5in
Tarp packaging, 2 small blankets, 1 big blanket, plastic bag and gloves 16l
90cm x 25cm Konto vehichle kit (includes oil absorption material required in ADR-law for class 3, burning liquids), 5 plastic bags, bucket, shovel, protection classes and strong sack 16l
4 gallons
Oil spill kit
44cm x 40cm x 10cm
17.3in x 15.7in x 3.9in
2 small blankets, 1 big blanket, plastic bag, gloves and carbon box 16l
4 gallons
Oil spill mop
N/A Cleaning equipment for small oil absorption blankets 2l
0.5 gallons

Oil-absorption blankets for oil spills

Our oil-absorption blankets are made from peat moss, a natural, non-toxic, organic fibre. The water-resistant, oil-absorbent blankets absorb oil 15-20 times their dry weight. The easy-to-use blankets float on water, are efficient on asphalt and are stored in rolls or sheets.

Oil-absorption blankets are available in two sizes:

  • 40cm x 40cm (26 pieces/box)
  • 78cm x 116cm (60 pieces/EUR pallet box)

Absorption kits for vehicles and machines

The vehicle kit comprises oil absorption blankets (16l absorption capability), plastic bags and gloves. The kit is designed according to the latest oil-absorption qualifications and is easy to use in vehicles and machines.

Recyclable natural fibres for ecological processes

Our current product range is based on long-term development. Peat is a durable natural fibre, which has a unique capacity to either absorb or insulate, depending on the treatment.

Test results prove that Konto products are highly competitive, compared with similar products already on the market. Konto products are superior in terms of their ecological characteristics, as surface peat is safe, regenerative and recyclable.

Our patented manufacturing process uses fully ecological methods to create innovative products. All waste can be recycled back into the manufacturing process. No water is required in the manufacturing process and we can even warm factory facilities using process heat during winter.

Peat moss blanket for cleaning contaminated areas

Konto offers an ecological option for cleaning contaminated areas. The Konto oil-absorption peat moss blanket is a new product that uses peat moss for its non-toxic and organic properties.

About Konto

Konto is a Finnish-owned company that manufactures layered blanket, layered board and shape-pressed products, mainly using Finnish natural fibres.

R&D is at the heart of our company, with operations built on strong product development and a patented production process. Konto products offer an ecological, non-toxic, organic and high-quality solution for a variety of applications.

We value customer service to ensure successful end-use experiences. Konto’s aim is to develop new ecological products for different purposes, where the best characteristics of natural fibres are combined to generate innovative products.

The name of our company is a local word for peat. In the Karvia area, people have always gone to the swamp to raise Konto. The word Konto is therefore the perfect name for our products, which are made mainly of peat moss.