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Oil Spill Recovery Equipment and Services

Lamor is a world-leading supplier of oil spill recovery equipment, services and solutions.

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Lamor is a world-leading supplier of oil spill recovery equipment, services and solutions. Whatever the scenario, terrain or weather conditions, Lamor supplies the right equipment, expertise and knowledge for the best response to tackle oil spill clean-up incidents anywhere and anytime worldwide.

Oil spill preparedness and recovery equipment

Finnish-based Lamor (Larsen Marine Oil Recovery) is a family-run enterprise with offices strategically located around the world to best serve the environmental needs of corporations, the public and ecosystems rapidly and efficiently. Moreover, the company invests vast resources in equipment R&D and contingency planning.

Globally Lamor has a network of equipment and expert personnel, known as the Lamor response team (LRT), ready to rapidly deploy and respond to incidents within hours. It is the responsibility, obligation and duty of governments and corporations alike to proactively take measures to confront and tackle these incidents professionally utilising the expertise, innovative solutions and best-proven equipment available.

This is where the expertise of Lamor meets those criteria and exceeds expectations by offering a wide range of proven options to clean up our environment and protect our ecosystem with alternative preemptive and flexible solutions. Several of the company’s oil spill clean-up equipment portfolio are audited and certified independently by Bureau Veritas.

Fred Larsen inspecting pumps and power packs prior to Gulf of Mexico oil spill operations.
Lamor oil recovery equipment being deployed during the clean-up efforts.
Oil skimmer and boom being launched for Gulf oil spill operations.
Fishing boat outfitted with Lamor oil containment booms and skimmers en route to the oil spill.
Ready to go: fishing vessels outfitted with Lamor oil skimmers and containment booms.

Skimmers, oil booms, viscous oil pumping, power packs, landing crafts, workboats and storage equipment

Major catastrophes such as the recent Gulf incident and Prince William Sound in Alaska in the late 1980s are infrequent, but the risks are always there. Lamor’s arsenal of oil spill preparedness and recovery equipment has been designed, tested and utilised in several offshore and onshore accidents. It offers skimmers, oil booms, viscous oil pumping, pumps, power packs, landing crafts, workboats, and storage and ancillary equipment.

The company also provides beach and shoreline containment and recovery equipment, containerised harbour systems, vessel-deployed oil spill recovery systems, coupled with arctic oil recovery equipment. To maintain and develop its range of equipment, Lamor has production facilities in Europe, the US and Asia.

Oil spill response and recovery services

In the recent Gulf incident, Lamor coordinated and took action by air-lifting its equipment and personnel from around the world within 36 hours to Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Furthermore, whilst the Gulf spill clean-up efforts were ongoing, Lamor simultaneously responded to three other oil-related spills that took place in China, Singapore and Michigan, US.

Oil spill emergency response projects

Lamor deployed its equipment and teams in March 2010 to Estonia after an Antonov 26 cargo plane made an emergency landing on Lake ülemiste, near Tallinn. The lake, which was frozen solid, is the principal drinking water reservoir for the city. Oil and other pollutants leaked through cracks in the ice from the fuselage and Lamor was tasked with ensuring that the lake was immediately cleansed to protect the city’s reservoir. Lamor’s advanced equipment, knowledge and expertise on-site managed to contain and clean-up successfully all contaminants under the ice caused by the accident.

In August 2009, an oil platform located in the Montara oil field in the Timor Sea, off the northern coast of Western Australia, suffered an oil spill due to a well blowout. Within days, the oil slick resulting from the accident was estimated to be 14km long and 30m wide, and considered to be one of the worst environmental disasters in Australia. A range of response options were implemented, including the use of dispersant and mechanical containment and recovery.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) was made formally responsible for the clean-up operations and activated resources under the national plan. Lamor supported the clean-up operations with its Lamor skimmers to recover an estimated 493,000l of oil.

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