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Environmental Protection and Monitoring Solutions for the Marine Sector

ØkoSafe (Okosafe) is a leading supplier of advanced environmental protection solutions and surveillance equipment for onshore and offshore applications in the oil and gas industry.

okosafe x150 skimmer launching system

ØkoSafe (Okosafe) is a leading supplier of advanced environmental protection solutions and surveillance equipment for onshore and offshore applications in the oil and gas industry.

We are an authorised distributor of well-established brands Elastec and Laser Diagnostic Instruments (LDI) and offer a broad portfolio of high-quality products, ranging from oil containment booms and curtains to cutting-edge oil detection and aerial monitoring technologies.

Water pollution control and recovery systems for petrochemical platforms

Okosafe provides a variety of Elastec oil skimmer systems that separate and collect oil from water during emergency offshore clean-up operations. Systems are compliant with the latest ASTM standards and are able to achieve recovery efficiency rates of up to 95.3% to ensure optimum water pollution control results even in cold climates.

According to tests performed by Ohmsett oil spill response facility, Elastec’s range of devices, including its drum, weir, belt and brush skimmers, represent some of the most powerful, high-performance industrial oil recovery systems on the market.

Okosafe specialises in the procurement and supply of innovative environmental protection and oil spill containment products for the Danish offshore sector.
The cutting-edge Remote Optical Watcher (ROW) monitoring system from Laser Diagnostic Instruments (LDI) offers 24/7 operation in the harshest operating conditions and is supplied with a five-year LED lifetime as standard.
Elastec’s lightweight Aerostat environmental monitors can be deployed and retrieved in a matter of minutes and are able to operate for days at a time due to their innovative low-power design.
Elastec’s AirMax boom system is fabricated from robust, high-visibility orange urethane material and has been specially developed to feature a high buoyancy-to-weight ratio for maximum oil retention.
The powerful Drug Terminator incinerator device is a portable and environmentally friendly waste disposal solution that features an easy-feed capability for added convenience.
Elastec’s BoomVane tool allows boom systems to be deployed quickly by a team of just two personnel, minimising response times and removing the need for boats and anchors.
Okosafe is able to provide Elastec SeaSkater weir skimmer units, which combine high buoyancy-to-weight ratios with lightweight aluminium frames that minimise draft and offer excellent responsiveness to motion in the water.
The SeSkater device is equipped with Elastec’s heavy-duty ES400 pumping system that can be detached from the unit for use in a wide variety of other applications.
We are an authorised distributor of Elasetec’s range of rugged PACS vacuum solutions, which have been carefully optimised for the effective removal of liquids, oils, sludge and other remains during industrial tank cleaning operations.
Okosafe simplifies the challenges of booming with Elastec BoomVane devices, which can be deployed for a versatile array of near-shore, shallow water and deepwater offshore applications.

Okosafe’s oil containment solutions also includes an array of mats, rollers and barriers that can be quickly deployed in critical scenarios and used as the sole clean-up method for small spills. However, larger accidents will require the integration of absorbents in hard-to-reach areas to achieve full oil removal.

Okosafe also offers a comprehensive assortment of absorbents for collecting virtually any type of liquid and is able to provide custom solutions for specialist applications upon request.

In addition, we stock a number of Elastec safety products and accessories, which have been carefully manufactured in ISO 9001:2015-certified facilities and designed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of users during operation.

Oil containment booms and curtains for water and marine projects

Okosafe offers an extensive selection of Elastec floating booms and curtains systems designed to contain oil in the event of a spill or another environmentally polluting incident.

These practical solutions can either be deployed as permanent installations, or on a temporary basis to provide an immediate response in emergencies.

Our catalogue includes Elestec’s popular AirMax system, which is a versatile inflatable boom device fabricated from premium-quality urethane plastic that has been specially developed to offer compact storage and quick deployment for maximum operational efficiency.

Elastec’s latest boom solution, the RubberMax TP, is manufactured from unique, hard-wearing rubber alloy that combines the strength of traditional rubbers with increased resistance to low temperatures and chemical abrasion. The RubberMax TP displays excellent puncture resistance and has been proven to withstand screwdriver impacts up to 250lb / 1,112N.

We also supply cost-efficient Boom Vane sweep systems for fast and safe deployment by two operators on one vessel, high-buoyancy SuperMax and MaxiMax curtain booms for deployment in harbours, shallow-waters and open-water locations.

For bunkering or seawall-to-ship refuelling and product transfer, we recommend sealing the gab with FlexiBelt.

Dredging and construction sites may be protected with rugged turbidity curtains such as SiltMax, which allow water to flow, while retaining silt and sediment to protect the environment.

For debris and large objects, we supply Elastec BruteBoom floating barriers with a tested breaking strength of 27.2t, while the PermaFence is designed for permanent installations, including invasive plant control.

Oil detection systems for environmental protection

Okosafe’s catalogue of solutions includes LDI’s Remote Optical Watcher (ROW) contactless oil sensor technology for petrochemical sites.

These independent, highly reliable and low-maintenance detection systems can continuously monitor an area all year round in the most extreme environmental conditions, accurately detecting oil slicks as thin as 1µm from distances of up to 10m above the water surface.

The ROW automatically sends out an alarm to operators as soon as the presence of oil spills, leaks and other types of pollution are found, allowing them to take the necessary containment steps early in order to prevent environmental damage, loss of revenue and / or negative publicity.

LDI’s ROW is able to detect a comprehensive range of oils, while optional solar panels and auxiliary wireless systems can be supplied on request to facilitate fully autonomous operation in remote or adverse locations.

We are able to supply IP68-certfified ROW units featuring hermetic designs and five-year LED lifetimes. These systems have a low power consumption of less than 2W and are equipped with rugged anodised aluminium, 316 stainless-steel or explosion-proof (‘ATEX Ex d’) enclosures to ensure resilience in the most extreme offshore environments.

Aerial surveillance for offshore monitoring applications

Okosafe is a trusted stockist of Elastec’s innovative and easy-to-use Aerostat environmental monitoring solutions, which have been designed to conduct effective aerial surveillance and photography across wide areas.

Elastec’s portable systems can operate effectively in high winds and are elevated by robust 3mballoons, which allows for reduced energy consumption and prolonged periods of operation as only the camera unit requires electricity to function.

Storage equipment, tanks and portable incinerators

Okosafe provides a comprehensive selection of boom reels and containerised equipment for practical storing, easy maintenance and reliable deployment.

Temporary storage of collected oil and other contaminated materials is often a problem we solve with a selection of portable tanks. Tanks are available sealed, vented and open-storage variants to address a wide range of requirements.

Transport of hazardous waste to municipal incineration plants is a risk factor. Particularly from remote locations, it can be both difficult and associated with high costs. Controlled burning on-site can be the most sustainable option.

Okosafe offers a range of compact portable incinerators. Elastec’s high-performance MediBurn unit reaches temperatures of up to 1,000°C and is able to eliminate roughly 20kg-30kg of material per hour, while destroying potentially toxic contaminants. The SmartAsh batch-load incinerator is ideal for quickly getting rid of used absorbents and other remains at remote locations.

Commissioning, training and workshops for offshore projects

Equipment commissioning at our customer’s location is an optional service to verify that the shipment was received in good order and that the product functions properly.

Detailed operations and training manuals are provided along with instructional videos, pamphlets and storyboards in print and digital formats.

We also arrange in-depth presentations and hands-on field and water exercises on our equipment. Industry experts share their knowledge and attendees share their experience with colleagues.

Okosafe’s versatile solutions are currently used in more than 155 countries worldwide and are suited to a wide array of applications such as oil spill response and longer-term environmental monitoring, as well as for general security purposes.

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