Companies and organisations all over the UK instinctively think of RED Environmental when they need safe, efficient and cost-effective asbestos removal and rope access services.

RED offers comprehensive services specifically designed to reduce risk and exceed health and safety requirements. We are a modern, innovative company that brings together experienced, expert personnel to create a team of specialists with a fresh approach.

Asbestos removal services

Asbestos removal presents a number of safety and health challenges. Contaminated sites must be accurately assessed and carefully contained, and the asbestos must be removed safely and disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

RED has built a reputation for complete asbestos management. Our experienced teams individually assess and carefully plan each project so that your asbestos is removed and dealt with in a way that is convenient to you and your workforce, safe and environmentally friendly.

RED Environmental provides safe, efficient and cost-effective asbestos removal and rope access services.
RED’s asbestos removal services include assessment, sample collection and removal.
RED can also perform asbestos encapsulation, as well as decontamination and specialist cleaning services.
Industrial rope access has been used successfully on oil rigs and North Sea platforms for many years.
RED’s rope access services include inspection, maintenance and repair.

Asbestos assessment, sample collection and removal

Our team can quickly and accurately assess the levels and severity of the asbestos contamination, and put together a strategic, practical plan for its removal or encapsulation.

Where required we can remove samples for analysis to precisely ascertain the level and extent of any asbestos contamination. Our next-day results provide the information you will need to plan a safe removal quickly.

The process of removal must be meticulously planned and executed within both legislative constraints and practical requirements. We offer a complete, end-to-end service that minimises disruption and gives you complete peace of mind.

Asbestos encapsulation, decontamination and specialist cleaning

Where removal is not practical, cost-effective or environmentally sound, we offer an encapsulation service. This allows for the asbestos to be sealed within an adhesive matrix to prevent the release of fibres, creating an impervious membrane over the surface, or penetrating the material to bind components together.

RED is fully licensed to dispose of asbestos, and complies fully with all current legislation in the UK. We ensure all waste is transferred to the appropriate landfills and that consignment notes are implemented into the site completion package.

Once asbestos has been removed there is often a degree of cleaning required, over and above the usual processes. Our teams use specialist cleaning regimes to ensure complete decontamination and resumption of normal working practices as soon as possible.

Industrial rope access services

Safe working access is essential. High or difficult-to-reach jobs require very specific skills and equipment to allow work to be carried out effectively and safely.

Industrial rope access is a tried and tested method that provides safe, ergonomic work positions at heights or in areas of difficult access. It has been adapted from techniques originally developed for mountaineering and caving, and has been used successfully on oil rigs and North Sea platforms for many years.

RED has the expertise and equipment to complete a wide range of rope access work. We have an exceptional safety record reaching back 20 years, and all our operatives are fully trained and qualified. We offer a comprehensive service and aim to complete our work with minimum disruption or environmental impact.

Rope access inspection, maintenance and repair

Assessing hard-to-reach and high areas is essential for many types of project. Accurate, safe analysis of the situation enables better and more effective work to be carried out. We perform structural surveys and non-destructive testing, as well as other key tasks.

Routine, planned and essential maintenance must be carried out regardless of accessibility. Our specialist workers have the experience to complete a wide range of projects using rope access with complete safety. Our specialist technicians can carry out localised concrete repair, sealant installation, replacement cladding and glazing.

Rope access services – cleaning, painting and facilities management

Using jet spray, grit blasting and the three-tool method we can assist in complete cleaning programmes, and we can work with other companies where required. We also prepare surfaces for both spray and roller painting.

Many civil engineering applications require the use of rope access in order to create fixings into rock and other anchorages.

Our team can handle most services, from general window cleaning to glazing inspection, repair and fitting, pest control, and banner and sign erection.