LBT Enterprises aims to provide the very best in pipe cutting equipment while maintaining a fair and equitable price in the marketplace. We use the very best materials and equipment available in our designs in order to reach the level of satisfaction our customers deserve. We offer the following:

  • Hydraulic shearing
  • Cold cut technology for offshore platforms, well conductors and pipeline decommissioning

Offshore cutting equipment

Prime Marine Services, an LBT Enterprises company, is our offshore service company with its office in Broussard, LA, USA. Prime Marine Services offers the following range of Prime® pipe cutters for the offshore industry:

  • 16in (40cm) model – cuts 3in (8cm) to 12in (30cm) pipes or greater depending on wall thickness
  • 30in (76cm) model – cuts 6in (15cm) to 30in (76cm) pipes or greater depending on wall thickness
  • 36in (91cm) model – cuts 24in (61cm) to 42in (109cm) pipes or greater depending on wall thickness
  • 48in (122cm) model – cuts 30in (76cm) to 60in (152cm) pipes or greater depending on wall thickness

Rig decommissioning cutting technology

The Prime offshore cutting technology demonstrates versatility and efficiency in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, saving time and the carbon footprint in the process. Prime Marine Services has a fleet of hydraulic cutting shears with five models capable of shearing 6in (15cm) to 70in (178cm) material.

Offshore platform cutting technology

The offshore cutter is the flagship of the Prime pipe cutter line. It is designed to shear. It is designed to remotely cut offshore platform (jacket) piles above or below water. It can shear 24in (60 cm) to 36in (90cm) offshore platform steel conductors filled with grout, and is remotely operated from the surface. The unit comes complete with a 330hp power pack, a 450ft (137m) hose, 500ft (152m) hydraulic hose reel, a 48in (122cm) model Prime pipe cutter, biodegradable hydraulic oil and bio-grease.

LBT Enterprises offers the Prime® pile cutter, a powerful, efficient and safe technology.
On a recent jacket removal in the North Sea, the Prime® pipe cutter was the tool of choice, performing 40% of the successful structural cuts, out of three cutting technologies.
Count on the Prime® pipe cutter to finish your project on-time and on-budget.
Faster cutting time equals reduced vessel time and a lower carbon footprint.
LBT Enterprises is your one-stop-shop for subsea cutting and dredging technology; featured in photo are the Toyo pumps.

At approximately 90ft (27m) under water, the offshore cutter cut a 42in (107cm) leg inside of a collapsed platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Within minutes, the cutter easily tore through the 1in (2.5cm) pipe – 3in (7.6cm) grout – 1in (2.5cm) pipe platform leg.

Offshore dredging technology

Prime Marine Services offers a new dredging method with Toyo pumps. Our Toyo pumps are available for rent on a daily or monthly project. Prime Marine Services will send out a qualified team of personnel to assist with your dredging project, in both shallow or deep water.

LBT Enterprises is pleased to announce that a Prime service centre will be coming soon to Europe, to serve the North Sea.