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Automatic Control Valves

Since 1936, CLA-VAL has been the leading manufacturer of automatic control valves, serving waterworks, fire protection, aviation fuelling and industrial customers throughout the world.

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Since 1936, CLA-VAL has been the leading manufacturer of automatic control valves, serving waterworks, fire protection, aviation fuelling and industrial customers throughout the world. Our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement shows in each valve we produce and in the many new products we introduce to the marketplace each year.

CLA-VAL is a global company with headquarters and manufacturing / foundry complex in Newport Beach, California, US, in addition to production facilities in Canada, Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom.

Automatic control valves for the offshore industry

CLA-VAL automatic control valves are renowned for their quality and superior performance. The company is also known for consistently excellent customer service as well as innovation, specifically related to products that help to preserve water and energy.

Our company website offers a comprehensive overview of our extensive product line and field service capabilities, as well as access to hundreds of technical documents.

The Cla-Val model 50B-4KG1 globe / 2050B-4KG1 angle pressure relief valve is designed specifically to automatically relieve excess pressure in fire protection pumping systems.
CLA-VAL deluge valves installed in a multi-valve deluge skid.
CLA-VAL high-performance combination air-release and vacuum breaker valve 33A or 33B are designed to protect pipelines from air lock and vacuum collapse.
CLA-VAL titanium deluge valve for superior corrosion protection.
The 90-520 strainers in ASTM B148 are used when effective filtration is required. The flat titanium strainer mesh perpendicular to flow optimises pressure drop.

Tailored control valve training

CLA-VAL’s long history of manufacturing and industry excellence enables us to provide the industry’s most comprehensive programme of hands-on, personalised technical / product training at our in-house training facilities in the US, Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and France.

Fire protection products for the offshore industry

Our complete line of fire protection products meets all industry requirements in both fresh water and seawater service. Known for their dependability, CLA-VAL products for the fire protection industry include fire pump pressure relief valves, pump suction control valves, deluge valves, pressure regulating valves, air valves, check valves and backflow preventers. Many CLA-VAL products have UL listing and Factory Mutual Systems approvals.

Fire protection valves

Since we have our own sand casting and investment foundries, we are able to provide fire protection valves in over 50 different alloys, including:

  • Ductile iron
  • Cast steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Monel
  • Nickel aluminium bronze
  • Naval bronze
  • Super austenitic stainless steel
  • Super duplex stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Many more

Automatic control valves for shipboard sprinkler and firefighting systems

CLA-VAL automatic control valves are utilised in most US Navy shipboard magazine sprinkler and AFFF firefighting systems. Other shipboard applications include cross connection control, lubricating oil pressure control, seawater pressure reducing and pressure relief valves. Further applications include flow control, solenoid control, counter measure washdown, ballasting / deballasting and void filling.

On aircraft carriers special valves are provided for the fuelling and defuelling of aircraft, while other valves control fuel from storage tanks to the flight deck. CLA-VAL can also offer these same capabilities for commercial shipboard applications.

Control valves for fuel-handling systems

CLA-VAL control valves play a vital role in fuel-handling systems for both civilian and military aviation. Our extensive experience, innovative engineering and advanced technology continue to set standards for automatic control valves in the aviation fuelling industry. Applications include control of fuel at receiving facilities, storage tanks, fuel / water separation stations, distribution / circulation systems and mobile refuellers, as well as aircraft hot refuelling.

White Papers

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    Since 1936, Cla-Val has been a leading manufacturer of automatic control valves, serving waterworks, fire protection, aviation fueling and industrial customers throughout the world.

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