Bilfinger Industrier and Favuseal have entered into a cooperation agreement to jointly develop new products for passive fire protection and insulation solutions using Favuseal’s X3M (FFBS X3M) fire barrier system. Bilfinger Industrier is Norway’s leading ISP company, delivering its products and services to the oil and gas industry, including the Lambda™ product range.

Bilfinger Industrier CEO Bjørn Harald Celius said: "We are very pleased to cooperate with Favuseal, and continue to develop our range of products to meet the needs of our customers. Bilfinger has a leading position in the market, and this cooperation will further strengthen our portfolio of Lambda products.

"Passive fire protection and thermal insulation solutions are important elements of maintaining the integrity of oil and gas installations, and the properties of Favuseal, combined with our competence and market experience will contribute to the development of pre-fabricated solutions with unique capabilities. We will be working together to develop, test and certify products tailored to our customers needs."

Favuseal CTO Christian Schlytter-Henrichsen said: "Bilfinger’s presence in the market, and deep understanding of the ISP trades, means that the time to market for new, innovative products based on our technology platform will be drastically reduced. At the end of the day, the oil companies will benefit from the synergies between Bilfinger and Favuseal through the development of the Lambda product range."