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Minimax has been a leading fire protection company for more than 100 years. With headquarters in Bad Oldesloe, Germany, and offices around the world, Minimax is an international leader in the provision of complete fire protection services.

Minimax not only produces and delivers system components, but also provides highly qualified personnel to handle the full implementation of projects, including installation and commissioning. Once the systems have been fitted, Minimax maintains responsibility for them by conducting service and repairs.

Fire extinguishing systems and protection equipment

Minimax manufactures a wide range of fire protection equipment, from entire fire extinguishing systems to manual fire extinguishing devices. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Minifog water mist extinguishing systems
  • Argotec extinguishing systems with nitrogen for wind turbines
  • FMZ 5000 fire detection and extinguishing control panels
  • Fixed water-based local application systems for engine rooms
  • Foam extinguishing systems for helidecks, tank-decks and engine rooms
  • CO2 systems for engine rooms and galley ventilation shafts
  • MX 1230 fire extinguishing systems with Novec™ 1230 for small engine rooms and special rooms
  • MX 200 fire extinguishing systems with HFC-227ea
  • Fire detection systems
  • UniVario industrial fire detectors
  • Firefighters class 1–3
  • Fireman outfits
  • Portable fire extinguishers

Offshore fire detectors and extinguishing systems

Minimax’s solutions can detect a developing fire, arrange for rapid automatic extinguishing and consequently keep damages and interruptions to operations at a minimum.

Fire, gas, smoke or heat detectors installed at the relevant critical locations automatically detect a fire at a very early stage. The control panel immediately shuts down the wind turbine and initiates a sequence of pre-programmed procedures. If the fire hazard is not eliminated by shutting down the unit, and if further detectors are triggered, the installed extinguishing system is activated.

Our specialised engineers will advise you on all aspects of the technology and design of our fire protection systems, and can provide you with a tailor-made solution that meets your needs.

Water mist extinguishing systems

Minifog water mist extinguishing systems are developed protection concepts that combine excellent firefighting capabilities with a minimum discharge of water. To ensure reliability even under extreme conditions, an antifreeze solution is used that allows for proper extinguishing at down to -30°C.

To enhance the efficiency of the extinguishing agent, the system includes a film-forming foam and is sprayed through specially designed nozzles. By atomising the water, its surface is multiplied, increasing the heat binding capability of the agent and intensifying the cooling effect.

As the amount of water released by the Minifog system is minimal, there is normally no need to provide extra retaining containers for the extinguishing agent. The water supply system was developed as a compact unit with minimum weight to allow easy installation.

The new Minifog marine XP high-pressure water mist extinguishing system is specially designed for the demand for lighter systems on ships. A foaming agent mix for the extinguishing water is unnecessary, due to the effective high-pressure water mist technology.

Offshore clean-agent fire extinguishing systems

Areas that deserve special attention include rooms with electrical and electronic devices, such as control rooms, control cabinets and smaller machine rooms on ships or drilling rigs. With the MX 1230 Marine and MX 200 Marine clean-agent fire extinguishing system, Minimax has developed solutions which meet demanding requirements. For instance, the fire extinguishing systems can even be dimensioned with 50bar system pressure.

The systems are distinguished through the presence of the authorised and tested chemical extinguishing agents NovecTM 1230 and HFC-227ea. Neither fire extinguishing agent is corrosive or electrically conductive, or causes any damage to sensitive parts through short circuits or residues.

The MX 1230 Marine and MX 200 Marine clean-agent fire extinguishing systems are available for tugboats, coast and inland navigation vessels and small yachts, in addition to drilling rigs. Both systems are fully certified with all major marine sector approvals.

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