For over two decades Solas Marine has established itself as a reliable service provider for marine, offshore, and oil and gas industries in the field of H2S detection and protection systems. Solas has developed H2S safety solution packages such as breathing air cascades and H2S capsules for offshore platforms, and has complete H2S multi-user life support system packages for offshore and onshore drilling rigs.

Solas also undertakes complete system integration for marine and offshore projects and develops integrated marine monitoring and control systems (IMMCS) for offshore jack-up rigs.

Multi-user H2S detection and life support system (MUHLS)

Breathing air cascade packages are designed according to specific requirements such as ARAMCO, ADMA, ONGC, QP, etc. High-pressure breathing air cylinders are connected in series using SS-316L tubing. Manifolds are supplied with various types of quick couplers matching with self-contained breathing apparatus or escape devices for extended breathing time.

The system is available with two options, decentralised or centralised types. A BA compressor suitable for recharging the cascade is supplied and connected to the system. Electrical and diesel engine-driven compressors are available, as well as hazardous-area compressors for special applications.

Cylinders in H2S containerised BA cascade system.
Painted rack, green cylinders and SS-904L tubing for a special offshore project in UAE.
A H2S capsule designed and constructed by Solas for offshore project in India.
View of an HMI graphic for an offshore rig.
Clean agent fire suppression system skid for an offshore platform project.

Solas Marine’s comprehensive H2S detection and life support system includes:

  • Detailed design documentation
  • 2-3-4-5-6-8-10-12 cylinder breathing air cascade racks or 10ft, 20ft or 40ft containers
  • Low and high-pressure manifolds
  • Containment fill stations and conventional high-pressure filling connections
  • Electrical and diesel-driven breathing air compressors, ex-proof units for special applications
  • Low-pressure breathing air hose with SS-316L quick couplings
  • Complete high-pressure SS-316L tubing

H2S capsules for offshore platforms

Solas provides H2S capsules for manned and unmanned offshore platforms. These capsules are self-contained units with the required critical protection and safety equipment for personnel to use during H2S release. The capsule is positive-pressure type with main and emergency back-up breathing air cylinders. The complete construction is suitable for offshore environments and supplied with DNV certification.

Integrated marine monitoring and control system

IMMCS is a PLC-based integrated system with the latest technology sensors and transmitters to suit offshore applications. It can be used to measure ballast, fuel and other tank capacity, including controlling fill and dump valves connected to a particular tank.

The system is additionally connected to monitoring weather, fire and gas, navigation lighting, leg-length measurement and machinery alarm. It can also be connected to a network and, hence, can be viewed by normal PC or laptop with a user licence. The required data can also be transmitted to onshore stations using external data communication devices on-board.

Solas is the authorised distributor / agent for:

  • Honeywell Analytics
  • BW Technologies
  • Federal Signals
  • Matre Maskin AS
  • Maritime Products AS
  • NK
  • Kidde Fire Systems
  • Point Lighting
  • Scott Health & Safety
  • DPI-Sekur
  • DK-LOK
  • Trelleborg
  • Bauer Kompressoren