Grigliati Baldassar is one of the leading Italian companies specialised in producing different kinds of gratings, fences and building materials.

From 30 years of experience, raw materials quality and meticulous processing allow the company to be able to offer the best quality products, entirely made in Italy.

The company is based in the north of Italy, in Santa Lucia di Piave (TV), is extended more 50,000m², of which 18,000 are covered, and it carries out its activity in three plants.

The light and efficient productive structure allows Grigliati Baldassar to quickly satisfy any client requests at an extremely competitive price.

Electrowelded grating for horizontal uses.
Pressed grating for horizontal uses.
Electrowelded or pressed grating stairs.
Electrowelded step in detail.
Ribes® Fence in detail.
Pedestrian gratings to construct footbridges.
Fall protection gratings for rooftop.
Electrowelded or pressed serrated grating.
Hot-dip galvanized, electrowelded grating in detail.
Inside one of our warehouses.

Grigliati Baldassar is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001 3834-4 that guarantee a high-quality management system. The company has recently been certified as a qualified transformation centre, according to the decree law of 14 January 2008. The certification witnesses the company high managing, processing and raw material levels.

Horizontal grating

Grigliati Baldassar offers electrowelded gratings: raw, standard or tailor-made gratings; pressed gratings: raw, standard or tailor-made gratings; steps and stairs: tailor-made, grating steps, grating stairs.

The company is specialised in producing different kinds of gratings for any application both civil and industrial. The offer includes: electrowelded gratings, that can be supplied raw or measure cut and hot-dip galvanised, according to UNI EN ISO 1461 law, and high-resistant pressed grating with countless customisation choices.

Grigliati Baldassar supplies anti-slips and easy-to-install steps, made in standard lateral cover plates, suitable for any kind of stairs and can also make the steps on measure and manufacture special steps, to meet any client requirements. The company is also able to project, provide and install grating stairs following the customer’s directions carrying out surveys and projects.

Fences and gates

Grigliati Baldassar provides special fences: residential and industrial fences, hot dip galvanised and powder varnished fences, fences for urban furniture, parks and mansions; grating fences: fences made in electro welded grating, modular fence for sports facilities, sunscreen fence; mesh fences: metal fences, fences made in electro welded net, fences for construction sites.

The company offers a wide range of fences for any industrial, civil and sports facilities application, metal fences for construction sites and urban furniture. The products range also includes special fences as Ribes®, a fence that combines a smart design with high-building quality and the extraordinary ease of assembly that makes it unique in the international scenery.

Photovoltaic products

Grigliati Baldassar offers treading gratings for footbridge; safety gratings; fences for solar plants; emergency stairs and gates.

Thanks to its expertise, Grigliati Baldassar can also provides gratings and fences for solar plants such as modular, electrowelded panels, low-cost and easy-to-install, suitable to fence solar plants areas; gates, treading gratings for footbridge, that allow to easily walk between solar plants in case of extraordinary and everyday maintenance; safety gratings for warehouses roofs.

In addition to gratings and fences for solar plants, the company also provides emergency stairs.

Building materials

Grigliati Baldassar provides manholes with Euroclipper® handles or screw lifting, filler manholes with frame, filler manholes with metal sheet, galvanised manholes; cover plates and tank lids: raw, standard or made on measure gratings; gates and hardware: fencing nets poles, safety poles, parking hump, sliding gates rails; channels and sumps.

In addition to this wide range of products, the company also supplies material and accessories for construction such as functional manholes featured by Euroclipper®, the innovative fastening system patented by Grigliati Baldassar. Even the most traditional standard items and accessories for hardware such as cover plates, channels, sumps and tank lids can be provided. A wide range of stainless-steel products it also available.


Grigliati Baldassar provides a wide range of client-based services, including:

  • Design: the internal technical department follows an entire gratings or fences project, suggesting all the best solutions to its clients. The company also studies customised projects, developing even the most varied shapes and offering a wide range of colours combinations, in accordance with the building firms and architects’ requests
  • Global deliveries: thanks to its fleet of trucks, Grigliati Baldassar delivers gratings and fences worldwide
  • Installation: thanks to its highly skilled staff, the company is able to provide technical installation of gratings, fences and gates
  • Post – sale assistance: Grigliati Baldassar guarantees a quick and complete post-sale assistance