Alfa Laval is a provider of specialized products and solutions for heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling. Its product portfolio includes centrifuges, pumps and valves, heat exchangers, thermal fluid systems, boilers, decanters, burners, evaporation systems, high-speed separators and tank equipment. ​

The company’s products optimize the processes such as heating, cooling, separating, and transporting of products including oil, water, chemicals, beverages, and foodstuffs. Alfa Laval caters to energy, paper and pulp, steel, chemicals, food, dairy and beverages, marine, transportation, machinery, HVAC, mining, water and waste treatment, semiconductor, electronics, personal care and Pharmaceutical industries.​

Alfa Laval has been developing plate heat exchanger technology tailored to its customers’ applications. Alfa Laval offering the market’s most comprehensive portfolio of heat exchangers to cover the widest range of needs.​

The company operates production units across Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, India, Korea, China, Japan, the UK, the US, France, Italy, and Poland. ​