API Heat Transfer Inc. (API) is a provider of heat transfer solutions. It designs and manufactures heat transfer systems using air-cooled, plate, pre-engineered and shell and tube technologies and thermal systems. They find applications in various industries such as power generation, oil and gas, compressors, engine cooling, mobile equipment, automotive plants, commercial shipbuilding, HVAC, district heating and cooling, food and health and process industries, among others. ​

Its product portfolio includes engine cooling systems, custom shell and tubes, gasketed plate and brazed plate heat exchangers, bar and plate heat exchangers, hairpin heat exchangers, evaporation systems, copper-brass radiators, steam surface condensers, dealcoholization systems, aluminium radiators, charge air coolers, cooling modules, pasteurization systems, and tubing products among others. It also offers after-market parts and services to its clients to ensure optimal performance of its equipment. ​

The company operates 12 facilities in the US, the UK, Germany and China.​