KNM Group is a manufacturer of custom-designed process equipment and modular systems. The company’s product portfolio includes gas waste heat recovery systems, process, and pressure vessels, quench coolers, scraped surface exchangers, heat transfer equipment, membrane technology systems, and process gas waste heat recovery systems, among others. ​

It also offers services which include engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), technical support services, plant operation and maintenance solutions, storage facilities services, industrial and power plant services, project management and development, modular process equipment and services to renewable and others to renewable energy, chemicals, oil and gas, petrochemicals, desalination, minerals processing, power, steam generation, and environment industries, among others.​

KNM is one of the largest supplier of complete Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers used in refineries, gas, petrochemicals and chemical plants through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, FBM (Italy) and KNM Pty Ltd (Australia). These products are typically used when plant locations are unfavourable and ambient conditions are not present to allow easy and economic use of other cooling systems.​

The company has operations with offices in Italy, India, China, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, Brazil, the UAE, the US, and Canada.​