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Air Quality Improvement

Cleaning and Maintenance of Air Ducts, HVAC, Air Treatment Systems and Cooling Towers

Air Quality Improvement offers a full-scale solution in hygienic maintenance of climate control systems, with our own people and products.

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Air Quality Improvement offers a full-scale solution in hygienic maintenance of climate control systems, with our own people and products. With that, you are sure of the best possible results and the best possible price-quality ratio.

HVAC air duct cleaning on offshore locations

In contrast to what is often thought, air ducts can really pollute. It depends on the maintenance frequency of the air treatment installation, how often the filters are changed, etc., and maybe even more importantly, what kind of filters are used in the air treatment system. On offshore locations personnel are entirely dependent on the quality of air supplied by HVAC systems.

With different methods we are able to clean every type of pollution in every type of air duct. We guarantee an optimal result. By creating a vacuum situation in the system, pollution does not reach the work and living areas. We use the following methods:

  • Robot
  • Rotating brushes
  • Compressed air
  • Manual

Chemical-technical cleaning of HVAC / air treatment systems

Air supply units must be thoroughly cleaned every period. A good hygienic condition of air supply units ensures that the supply ducts pollute less rapidly and moreover that the units have a longer technical life span.

Components in the air supply units are dismantled. Hereafter, we treat the units with chemicals which are applied under high pressure. Extra attention is given to heat exchangers. After cleaning, the entire installation will be completely disinfected.

The chemicals are then gathered, neutralised and disposed of.

Watersided cleaning of portable systems, cooling installations, heat exchangers and boilers

Portable systems, cooling installations, heat exchangers and other exchangers are possible to pollute, primary and/or secondary, sided by limescale, corrosion and silt. Because of this the output of the installation is influenced disadvantageously, and by the attachment of the pollution inside the tubes, the technical life span of the installation diminishes and the water quality is influenced in a negative way.

By rinsing the tubes with special chemicals and treating it with acid we can clean, decalcify and diminish corrosion.

Air supply unit cleaning and renovation

Sometimes cleaning air supply units is not sufficient. Due to weather and environmental influences (especially in offshore conditions), the technical condition of an air supply unit can deteriorate. In order to meet contemporary standards and requirements the following actions can be taken:

  • Applying our special flexible Air Quality Gietcoating®
  • Coating of heat exchangers with AQ water-based Condenser Coating®
  • Replacing harmful glass wool isolation by harmless thermaflex isolation with a solid structure
  • Dismounting of heat exchangers
  • Replacement of drip reservoirs
  • Replacement of filterframes
  • Coating of construction material of the aerator frames
  • Replacement of bearings and balancing aerators and engines
  • Replacement of heating wheels
  • Replacement of heat exchangers

Moreover, we can provide the air supply unit internally with unique patented plastic plates, viz. Air Quality Plating®. These plastic plates are fire delaying and form a smooth and waterproof finishing in the air supply unit. The seams are welded by a special plastic weld procedure. The plates are resistant against temperatures up to 120ºC.

With these measures we can extend the technical life span of your installation and can also prevent air ducts from polluting.

Air Quality Improvement

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