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PLATULAR® All-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

Barriquand Technologies Thermiques (BaTT) specialises in innovative heat transfer solutions for a wide range of industries, including petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food.

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Heat exchanger

Barriquand Technologies Thermiques (BaTT) specialises in innovative heat transfer solutions for a wide range of industries, including petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food.

Heat transfer solutions for chemical applications

BaTT provides reliable and versatile heat transfer units for a wide range of various applications, including:

  • Electric heaters
  • Fin tube heat exchangers
  • Plate and gasket heat exchangers
  • Platular® easy-to-clean welded plate heat exchangers
  • Shell and tube units with straight or corrugated tubes

Each heat transfer unit is sized and built following accurate thermal and mechanical input data. The combination of new materials and innovative manufacturing techniques is expanding the scope of reliable and straightforward applications.

On each production site, the company’s quality management staff are continuously involved in the design, construction and final reception, according to international standards such as CE, TÜV, U-STAMP and Safety Quality Licensing Office (SQLO) China.

Barriquand Technologies Thermiques (BaTT) supplies heat exchangers for the hydrocarbons industry.
Hydroblast devices effectively clean units using high-pressure water.
The image shows a heat exchanger unit before hydroblasting.
The image shows a heat exchanger unit after hydroblasting.

All-welded plate heat exchangers

As the manufacturer of PLATULAR® technology, BaTT has extensive, unique and exclusive knowledge.

Originally based on the requirements of the textile and chemical industries, the company’s heat exchangers are designed to meet the growing demand of a wide variety of new applications in various process industries such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, sugar, and hydrometallurgy markets.

These exchangers offer enhanced thermal performance, compact designs and higher flow capacities.

The versatility and reliability of the PLATULAR® wide-gap all-welded plate heat exchangers is suitable for solving many process requirements such as cleanability, compactness, thermal capacities, low hold-up volume, and visquous and fibrous liquids.

Each PLATULAR® plate-pack is available under many types of headers such as fully welded, with access covers, or only hand-holes, to address inspection and / or cleanability requirements.

In comparison, PLATULAR® units can be designed and constructed according to major international codes, including common online data analysis platform (CODAP), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and German standards Ad Merkblatt.

Exchanger units for vapour condensation and VOC recovery

BaTT’s heat exchanger units are also developed for vapour condensation under vacuum and volatile organic compound (VOC) recovery.

Units can also be designed to cater for large temperature changes with minimum log mean temperature difference (LMTD). Multi-stream applications are also possible within a single exchanger unit.

Hydroblasting devices for high-pressure cleaning

Free flow channels usually increase operation times between cleaning and consequently reduce cleaning frequency. Routine cleaning is easier to predict and can be scheduled at the most convenient time.

BaTT’s hydroblasting device can be introduced into the heat transfer channels from both ends of the unit.

Featuring hinged access covers and free flow channels on the process side, no additional lifting devices, process connection nozzles or scaffolding is required.

Hydroblasting can be performed in-situ, so there is no need to transport the heat exchanger to a specialised workshop.

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