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Offshore HVAC and Refrigeration Systems

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EP HVAC is specialised in marine and offshore heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. Our firm is staffed with professionals in design / engineering to construction, delivery and commissioning. Our sole focus is on marine and offshore HVAC systems and solutions, designed to work in world toughest environments, has made us a trusted offshore project partner.

We maintain a full staff of professional engineers, project managers, marine service and construction personnel. Our company skill set allows us to tackle challenging projects to your requirements, and engineer proper equipment selections.

HVAC/R systems engineering

EP HVAC participates in the design, fabrication , supply and installation of all kinds of HVAC systems. Based on your supplied general lay-outs (A-CAD) we provide all required calculations and drawings for design and fabrication, including:

  • Detailed calculations for heating, cooling, air-volumes, and humidification
  • Air pressure and noise levels evaluation and treatment, carbon dioxide calculations
  • P&ID, airflow and electrical diagrams
  • Data sheets, material lists, instruction manuals, MRBs and supply chain information
  • Commissioning plans and project supervision

Air conditioning systems

EP HVAC supplies air conditioning systems specifically designed for the marine and offshore industries. EP has built custom-designed marine and explosion-proof chilled water systems (marine chillers) as well as marine condensing units for clients, and has the HVAC/R system engineering experience to ensure everything works together. These air conditioning systems include:

Our HVAC systems are designed to work in the world's toughest environments and have made us a trusted offshore project partner.
EP HVAC supplies stainless-steel air-cooled units for offshore environments, and explosion-proof units for zone 1 and zone 2.
We have offices worldwide in Canada, the US and the Netherlands.
EP HVAC offers HVAC solutions for on and offshore oil and gas accommodation and facilities in hazardous and safe areas.
EP HVAC designs and supplies custom-built equipment suitable for your specific requirements and applications.
  • Direct expansion (DX) cooling systems with environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R134a, R404a, R407c; sea water or fresh water cooled or air cooled
  • Chilled water central cooling systems for complete accommodations

Integrated or local heating systems

EP HVAC can design and supply many types of marine and offshore heating systems, including:

  • Electric duct heaters
  • Cabin units with integrated re-heaters
  • Hot water heating coils (duct or AHU mounted) complete with two-way or three-way control valves
  • Steam heating coils complete with two-way or three-way control valves and traps
  • Thermal oil heating coils (duct or AHU mounted) complete with two-way or three-way control valves
  • Electric unit blast heaters (safe and hazardous areas)
  • Thermal oil unit blast heaters (safe and hazardous areas)

Ventilation systems

EP HVAC supplies dedicated ventilation systems as well as component equipment such as fans, louvers, and moisture eliminators with filter coalescers in stainless or galvanised, including:

  • Engine room ventilation
  • Mud pit ventilation (explosion-proof fans)
  • Shale shaker room ventilation (explosion-proof fans)
  • Machinery space areas
  • Hazardous-area ventilation
  • Hazardous-area cooling

We have extensive knowledge and the experience to deal with offshore hazardous-area ventilation in the production environment. Safety is always paramount.

Customised offshore air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment

EP HVAC can supply you with the following equipment that can be customised to your specific needs if required:

  • Water and air-cooled DX / condensing units
  • Water and air-cooled chill water units
  • Package air-handling and fan coil units
  • Package self-contained units
  • Cabins units, terminals, diffusers and accessories
  • Cold room and freezer evaporators, room controllers and timer panels
  • Control systems for platform integration, F&G interface, local AHUs
  • Refrigeration valves, separators, condensers, and accessories
  • Fire and hydrocarbon rated dampers, blast dampers, local control stations
  • Black start panels, purging systems controls, pressure modulation panels
  • Silencers for mechanical ventilation systems and air conditioning plants

Stainless-steel marine-grade air-cooled condensing units

EP HVAC supplies stainless-steel air-cooled condensing units for marine environment and offshore Ex explosion-proof units for zone 1 and zone 2, according to client required specifications. We offer a variety of coil coatings to increase the longevity of equipment in the salt-laden atmosphere.

Offshore HVAC field services

EP HVAC is comprised of employees with many years of experience in the marine and offshore HVAC/R industry. The focus and expertise is offshore and marine HVAC services. Our qualified engineers are trained by the leading manufacturers and certified to work offshore, whether you are in the North Sea, GOM, Africa or Asia. If you have any questions about offshore and marine air-conditioning services, or custom marine air conditioning systems, get in touch with EP HVAC.

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